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Dodgers Players Share Messages to LA Fans on Social Media

The Dodgers 2021 season did not go as planned. But despite all of the injuries and distractions in the clubhouse, they still managed to pull out 106 wins and come within 2 more of another World Series appearance. 

But they ultimately ran out of gas and fell short of their goals. And while they took the day to decompress and absorb the loss and boot from the playoffs, Dodgers players took to social media today to thank fans. 

Justin Turner references clubhouse distractions for the Dodgers in his post. We’ll let fans guess what he meant by that. But there were a lot of really cool moments in the 2021 season despite falling short of another title. 

Trea Turner had a wild year in 2021. He won the 2021 batting title despite moving from Washington to the Dodgers in a midseason trade. He also dealt with COVID in the middle of all of that and had to adjust to a whole new setting in the midst of it. 

Clayton Kershaw kept is as short as you might expect from a guy like him that doesn’t use social media all that much. But the Dodgers southpaw acknowledged the difficulty of being a cheerleader and dealing with injuries as well. 

The Bazooka gave a quick message via Twitter, and it was as sweet as you might expect from the kid. 

The Dodgers could potentially be losing a lot of big names from the 2021 team, and that’s going to be tough. But there is no denying the fight that they had this year, overcoming a whole lot of adversity to finish near the top. 

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  1. Thank you too Dodgers for a crazy year. Sad to see it end the way it did. As much heart as you guys showed in game 5 of the NLCS. It didn’t appear so in game 6. Still all-in-all a pretty good year. How did Bob Hope put it? “Thanks for the Memories.”

    1. Always remember the other team is trying really hard to win too. The Dodgers didn’t lose their heart, they got beat. It happens.

      1. Curtis, I can appreciate that the other team is trying to win too. That doesn’t account for the extreme differences in batter approach from game 5 to game 6. I’m sorry.

  2. What a wild ride 2021 was. Will always appreciate the Boys of Summer who wear Dodger Blue. Thank you!

    1. They will be back but holes need to be plugged. The bench is crucial to be fixed. Offense against LHP, healthy pitching, especially the starters. Micro managing by zRoberts and the FO has got to stop too. If these issues are not fully addressed Dodgrrs could end up missing the post season for the first time since 2012.

      1. That’s if there even any baseball at all! Anyone remember 1994? No WS. Player strike. 2022 could be a sequel.

        1. Correct and do you know what and who the biggest problem with MLB is? The answer is that heathen Manfred! I can’t honestly think of single person in this game that I truly despise more!

  3. Always sucks to lose, but someone has too. You guys did great. All year you have battled injuries and worked around them. The bullpen was amazing with starters in and out of injuries all year. It’s hard going into the post season with major bat’s out of the lineup. In baseball you always get hot streaks batting, but you go through cold streaks as well. Sucks that some of the cold streaks happened during post season but that’s how it goes. Only real thing of concern for winter is maybe figure out how to hit lefties better. Only team I’ve ever watched where righties had so much trouble with a lefty pitching. Good luck in the off season and I hope to see all of you again next season.

  4. Learn how to bunt or push the ball the other way against the shift. There is just not enough room to consistently hit into it. Is it an ego thing in MLB to resort to bunting?

  5. This was the most intense season I have ever watched. To our Boys in Blue. Sleep well, heal up, and, “Have a very pleasant winter wherever you may be”.

  6. Thank you, Dodger Blue, for a fun and exciting season! Almost catching the Giants at the end, then the walk off Wild card win, then beating the Giants in an intense NLDS!! Loved it all!!! Wish this group could’ve won it all one more time, but just not our year. Looking forward to another run next season and praying for a way most of you will be back!!
    Love you guys!

  7. If the Dodgers had a full team all year without KEY injuries, they probably would have been the winner of the West, not the Giants. There were mistakes made by Roberts with pitching but he was strapped with no May and no Kershaw. So, he did the bullpen routine that worked for awhile. The hitting was the problem. Dodgers lost again with injuries Bellinger and Seager. I was disappointed with Trea Turner in the play offs. No production and at times he looked like he really didn’t care. After this season I am wondering with all the free agency what kind of team will be on the field in 2022.

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