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Dodgers’ Players Will Travel In Costume After Thursday Game

On Thursday afternoon, the Los Angeles Dodgers will go for a sweep in San Diego. Then, something big happens. Indeed, the Dodgers may win their 103rd game of the 2019 regular season; but what happens after the game should be of high interest.

Per Ken Gurnick of, today is not just travel day for the final leg of the regular season in San Francisco. Moreover – it’s ‘Costume Travel Day’ – which means every member of the Dodgers is required to be in a costume of some type.

In case you’re wondering, there are no exceptions. According to Gurnick, a veteran cannot simply pull rank and say they’re not taking part. That isn’t to say anyone would be a stickler for this type of fun in the first place.

Furthermore, Sue Jo — head of the social media team for the official Dodgers account — points out that all staff will also be in costume. This adds an entirely new wrinkle to what should make for some excellent postgame pictures. I want to see Dave Roberts as Spiderman, for some odd reason.

Finally, this shows a lighter side of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2019. Without question, this is a good team that also appreciates the fact it’s alright to have some fun along the way with all that winning.

Because of this, we have already seen items like the blindfold food challenge and rookies telling all in videos on social media. Undoubtedly, this is an easy team to laugh at and to like.

What costumes can you predict in the comments section? I am going with Bellinger as Batman, gut feeling.

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