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Dodgers Playoff Roster: Austin Barnes Recalled from Triple-A for Postseason Look

Austin Barnes has been recalled from Triple-A Oklahoma City as expected, according to JP Hoornstra of the Southern California News Group.

Barnes will be filling in as the third catcher for the Dodgers down the stretch behind the starter Will Smith and the current backup, veteran Russell Martin. As of late, Will Smith has seen a cold stretch at the plate. However, he should remain the starter now and into October, however the cold stretch could open a few extra starts for Austin Barnes.

Barnes has performed well in each of the last two postseasons and could factor in as the third catcher on the roster due to his versatility should the Dodgers find it necessary to carry him.

Most teams see their active roster numbers rise into the thirties in terms of players in September, but the Dodgers plan to take a different approach this season than expected.

Barnes, 29, struggled all season long with the Dodgers, posting just a 64 wRC+ across 71 games. He figures to be the Dodgers’ third string catcher down the stretch and could vie for the backup role in the playoffs. He has struggled, but he knows the pitching staff as well as anyone and it is not like veteran Russell Martin is setting the world on fire with his stick.

It remains to be seen just how much playing time Barnes will receive in his tenure with the Dodgers as the third catcher this time around, but we should figure that out soon.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. Why? The Dodgers don’t Need another automatic-out see Martin, Hernandez, Will Smith is in slump now, Taylor, Pederson(Dodger fans don’t be beguiled by this fools gold).

    1. Why do you post only negative comments? Does your life really suck that bad? Three of the six players you just slammed have a higher OPS than future HOFer Manny Machado.

  2. Barnes was even worse in Postseason than his sub 200 BA. He made 2 Singles in 29 AB last year for a BA of .069 , and the worse C in MLB, though one had him at 20th of 21 Catchers with 200 AB or more……..One more thing, I don’t want to get into the Will Smith MIS-Handling, once again, but I gotta say I was surprised nobody tied his “Slump” to the returning of Barnes on 8/24, despite it being noted it began on 8/23. I have a good half-dozen Data-Points I could throw up….another Fiasco by the Blue Brain-trust, apparently unaware that W Smith has feelings and also reads (apparently Barnes must have a Publicist or Lobbyist, perhaps his Agent, and they sure can Spin

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