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Dodgers: Possible Lineups Following the Freddie Freeman Signing

Freddie Freeman is a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It feels strange just to be typing it at this point. But Andrew Friedman pulled another rabbit out of his magic hat and persuaded the slugging first baseman to come out west. 

Freeman’s bat will slot right into a lineup that already features some of the biggest weapons in baseball, Just thinking about him batting between guys like Trea Turner and Justin Turner feels unfair. 

With that, let’s take a look at a possible lineup the Dodgers could go with this season. 

  1. Mookie Betts – RF
  2. Trea Turner – SS
  3. Freddie Freeman – 1B
  4. Justin Turner – 3B
  5. Max Muncy – DH
  6. Will Smith – C
  7. Chris Taylor – 2B
  8. Cody Bellinger – CF
  9. AJ Pollock – LF

The Dodgers will likely go with Max Muncy more often than not to start the season. As he continues to recover from an elbow injury sustained last season, keeping him off of the field might be their best bet. Justin Turner will also see reps at the DH spot this year, and Muncy or Taylor could take over at the hot corner. That would get JT some time off of his feet.

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That lineup alone is insane. Not to mention they have a young stud like Gavin Lux waiting in the wings and getting at-bats off of the bench. Add in guys like Hanser Alberto, Matt Beaty, Edwin Rios, and Zack McKinstry, and you have one heck of a roster. 

What lineup would YOU throw out there on Opening Day, assuming they face a right-handed starter? Drop into the comments and let us know!

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  1. Have a little faith. If a right-hander is starting, put Bellinger in the cleanup spot. Everyone else down a slot, Turner 5, Muncy 6. The chances of anybody walking Freddy in front of Bellinger are zero, and I think Bellinger can hit lefties well enough. BTW, is the three-batter minimum rule still in effect?

  2. I’m not as optimistic as most people are about this Dodgers lineup. Keep in mind that Mookie Betts started his decline last year, was a non-factor in the post-season. Cody Bellinger was quoted by this website as “one of the worst players in baseball” last year. Who’s to say Cody will be any better this year? Trea Turner also faded in the playoffs, he was striking out a lot. JT will be 38 and a huge liability on defense. What if Max Muncy never recaptures his power after the freak injury? Let’s no forget Chris Taylor also disappeared in the NLCS. And Will Smith struck out against Will Smith in 2021 after hitting that grand slam in 2020. Freddie Freeman might be asking to carry the team with hacks like Zach McKinstry and Luke Raley, which he might have never imagined what he had signed up for.

    This Dodgers lineup has so many questions than sure thing going into this year.

  3. Taylor and Pollock in the bottom third ???? Better juggle that batting order somewhat. Also can’t wait to see what Beaty and Rios will add to this lineup. Play Ball !!!

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