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Dodgers Postseason News: LA Rides Historic Sixth Inning to Game 3 Win

Just when it seemed the Dodgers were on the verge of losing their second consecutive game in the NLDS, they woke up. The offense, which had been anemic in Game 2 and earlier in Game 3, got their swag back in top of the sixth inning.

LA was trailing Washington 2-1 with two runners on, and Russell Martin was down to his last strike. It was looking like the Dodgers were going to blow yet another scoring opportunity, but Martin smashed one the opposite way for a two-out double to give LA the lead.

“I think we needed a big hit,” Martin said to Stephen Nelson after the game. “All year long, different guys have come up in different times, and tonight was kind of my tonight to kind of spark the plug and get everybody going. And after that it just seemed like one after another, we just kept putting good at-bats together.”

Martin’s clutch hit was followed shortly by another RBI double from Kike Hernandez, and Justin Turner capped off the sixth inning with a three-run home run, giving the Dodgers a commanding 8-2 lead.

Perhaps as great as Turner’s homer was this instant classic staredown at the mound:

“I don’t know what happened after that,” Turner told AM 570 on his viral photo. “I didn’t even know what my handshakes with my teammates were. I was just happy.”

Martin put the exclamation point on the game in the top of the ninth inning when he sent a moonshot to center field for a two-run home run and put the Dodgers up 10-4 and putting himself in the company of baseball royalty in the process.

The Dodgers will look to close out the Nationals in Game Four tomorrow and advance to their fourth consecutive NLCS.


  1. Anyone else watch this game yesterday via TBS? If so, please give me your opine……..As I watched that game it seemed like the announcers, Erne Johnson and Jeff Francoeur?…….it seemed like (to me) they were Nats fans doing the game and wanted the Dodgers to lose….it was all Nationals this and Nationals that on the positive side and Dodgers this Dodgers that on the negative side….they kept going on and on about Annibal Sanchez like he was Greg Maddox and they ignored Ryu except for mentioning his regular season standout ERA number….then it was Soto is a beast and Bellinger can’t hit….it was only after the Dodgers had that monster inning did they have anything positive to say about our team…… I am asking……was I being “Dodger sensitive” or did anyone else feel the negative vibe I did?

    1. I watched it also, bluz1st and noticed similar about those 2 announcers. It reminded me of having to listen to Joe Buck and his favoritism for the Giants whenever they are in the PS.

  2. Lost in the box score………Justin Turner………and thank the Big Dodger in the sky that he is back!!!!!!! Now if he would only heal Verdugo, so we could sit Pollock, he is killing us………

    1. Pollock is sitting for today’s game 4 in favor of Beaty. Turner went up to Freidman after last year’s WS and told him that they MUST bring Freese back for this year. Well I believe Turner should already be up in Freidman’s office telling him the same thing for 2020.

      1. Freese’s only at bat in game 4 was a hit. Why was he left out for game 4? Platooning is not working.
        Please, not a third season where we get eliminated at home.

  3. ………..and lest I forget………my favorite stat of the night… Russell Martin lead that improbable charge….the Dodgers’ seven runs scored in the sixth came with two-strike counts on every hitter and two outs in the inning. No team had ever done that in a postseason inning!
    That stuff just does not happen, especially for us……..that was a very sweet inning indeed!

  4. I was thinking the same about the announcers. The did say Ryu was doing a good job, but they seemed to be favoring the Nats. But, when you think about it 17 strikeouts the night before and the way they began yesterday there was nothing positive to say!

    1. Howard………yea, those strikeout numbers the other night were an embarrassment, I’ll give u that……..but when you are getting paid to announce a national broadcast then how ’bout some impartial commentary? I guess it’s just all those years growing up with Vinny, I want my broadcasters to broadcast, I don’t want to know they hate my team while they are doing it. Then started to wonder if it was just me being uber-sensitive about our guys.

  5. The east coast bias spreads all the way down to Georgia. Ernie Johnson was the Braves announcer when TBS used to show all Braves nationally ( I think he still calls Brave games). And YES he is a east coast Homer. Just wait if the Dodgers play the Braves will be bad. Since the camera work is awful and broadcasters are awful I listen to the radio which is 2 pitches ahead of the television.

  6. Please see my comment about Polluck and Kelly in the previous post about Russell Martin.
    Also, the other TBS announcers are much better than Johnson and “Frenchie,” both Braves lovers.

  7. Joe Buck – a poor excuse for a broadcaster, especially compared to his father.
    FOX sucks at everything.

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