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Dodgers: President Joe Biden Messes Up Clayton Kershaw’s Name in the Best Way Possible

The Dodgers had quite a day in Washington D.C on Friday. They took a trip to the White House to celebrate their 2020 World Series win and followed that up with a big victory over the Nationals. All things considered, not a bad day for the defending World Champions. 

When the Dodgers were at the White House meeting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, they had a player step up to speak. It’s only fitting that Clayton Kershaw got the opportunity to talk and present the President with his own jersey. 

But there was a moment when President Biden went to introduce Kershaw that had every Dodgers fan grinning. It was the way Biden stumbled over Kershaw’s name that had fans cracking up early Friday morning in Los Angeles.

Now let’s bring up a 3-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Crenshaw…Krayshaw to say a few words and maybe throw a few curveballs. 

We get it, it’s tough to remember names when you’re probably not a die-hard Dodgers fan. But the Crenshaw part got a lot of people, mostly because of the LA Times article earlier this year when Kershaw revealed he went under the alias Tony Crenshaw when checking into hotels. 

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It was just a funny moment that added to a really great day for the Dodgers in DC. It was the first time the team got to celebrate their World Series outside of their own club. Let’s hope we can be right back there in the White House by the end of the year. 

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