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Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten’s Comments on the Trevor Bauer Situation

The Dodgers are obviously in a tough spot with Trevor Bauer. They have to wait out Major League Baseball to make their investigation into the assault allegations against him, and they also have to wait out the investigation by local authorities. 

For the moment, it seems the Dodgers really cant do anything. That’s what has been said by every person in the organization worth asking, including Stan Kasten. 

In a statement issued to the media this week(via The LA Times), Kasten noted that it was obviously a very delicate situation. The Dodgers President and CEO went on to say that they would wait out the process, much like other members of the club have already said. 

I am mindful that there are a lot of people with very strong feelings about this. As I said, personally, through our organization, through our fans, right, I get that, I understand, I’m very sensitive to that. But for right now, I think it’s really important we absorb the process as the best way for all of us to get the right result.

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Kasten would then say that the Dodgers will wait out the decision made by Major League Baseball. Dave Roberts also said on Friday that the team would respect whatever the league decided following their investigation. 

The appropriate thing is to let the process that the players and the Commissioner’s Office have agreed upon play out. So let’s get through that and then we’ll be able to discuss that in more depth.

Bauer is currently being investigated by Pasadena Police for Felony Assault. As of Friday, the police were unsure if the investigation would carry beyond July 23rd. That is the date a judge set to determine if the restraining order needs to remain in place. 

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  1. You can almost be sure that if it was (“the evil empire(s)),” yankees, red sox, houstin, all would get a free pass on this. Plus, would be able to sweep it under the carpet, until the end of the season AND even allow Bauer to pitch until the end of the season. But since it is the Dodgers……

  2. This is the problem with ex-parte temp orders. Tehy are one-sided and do not allow a defense. People’s reputations are destroyed and many times the allegatons are false. The mental-midget Kangaroo Court judge that issued the TRO must be arrested and imprisoned for violating Bauer’s rights of due process.

    1. It is a tenporary restraining order and the court makes no determination of guilt in granting such a restraining order. Bauer will have a hearing on July 23rd regard this TRO at which point the judge will decide whether to keep the restraining order in place or rescind it, hence the restraining order being temporary. Also, the granting of the TRO has no weight in a court case, if there is one. So the granting of the TRO doesn’t bear any legal determination of guilt and cannot be used in a trial to infer guilt. Keep in mind that the application for a TRO is submitted under penalty of purgery. So, if anything in the 67 page app application for the TRO is false, the woman and her attorney are guilty of purgery. Contrary to your claim, TRO applications are not commonly false in the slightest. Not nearly.

  3. At some point Friedman and Kasten need to answer questions that relate to giving Bauer a contract.The Dodgers and fans hated and had to deal with being cheated out of two World Series and then you sign Bauer knowing that he’s been cheating and sooner or later the MLB was going to crack down on this.Turning him into the average pitcher that he’s been through out his career.Now we know more about Bauers character.Never a Bauer fan!

  4. This situation confuses me. Our constitution guarantees innocent until proven guilty. I would think they should at least wait until charges are brought. To suspend somebody during an investigation is an over-reach.

    1. A player’s contract guarantees he will be paid. It does not guaranty he will play. The Dodgers could theoretically release Bauer (which essentially would kick hum off the team), but they would still be obligated to pay the amount guaranteed in his contract in the manner of payment described in his contract. The Angels did this earlier in the season with Luis Pujols (but not due to any legal or behavior issues). Pujols is no longer an Angel (obviously) but the Angels are still obligated to pay any unpaid amounts due under his contract, which guaranteed Pujols $30M for the 2021 season. Not saying that the Dodgers will or should release Bauer, just stating that they could, but they would still be obligated to pay guaranteed contract anounts that are not yet paid. As kong as the team pays the player anounts dur under their conract, the team controls when/if he plays or is even on the team.

    2. Yes, you are extremely confused. Criminal laws are designed to keep the public safe at all times. Criminal prosecution begins if there is a reasonable (probable) cause that a subject has committed a criminal act. There are multiple stages in a criminal case and 93 % of criminal cases are settled by plea bargain. The defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and/or other charges against the defendant may be dismissed or some variation rather than going to trial. The beginning of presumption of innocence begins at the start of a trial. What does that mean? A defendant is assumed innocent of a crime at the beginning of a criminal trial. The defendant does not have to prove he is innocent. The prosecution must prove that the defendant is guilty of the crime he/she is being charged with. The jury decides if a defendant has committed the crime, they have been charged or decides by instruction prior to deliberation that a lesser charge with different elements prove the defendant committed said crime beyond a reasonable doubt. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. Reasonable cause and beyond a reasonable doubt are do not mean the same thing.
      If a civil case (disputes between people) goes to trial the jury decides if there is preponderance of evidence against the defendant. Criminal is 100%, Civil is 51%.
      The MLB and the MLB Players Association agreed together to define “The Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy and Program”. It is not one sided. All players must follow the condition. If a player does not, then that player is in violation of the very rule that all parties agreed upon.
      Per policy a domestic, physical, sexual violence and/or emotional psychological intimidation stalking, economic control, harassment, physical intimidation, or injury to another constitutes a violation of the policy.
      This is straight forward:
      Administrative Leave. Under the Basic Agreement, the Commissioner may
      immediately place a Player accused of a Covered Act on Administrative Leave,
      effective as early as the date of the Notification, and may keep the Player on
      Administrative Leave for up to seven (7) days, including the date of
      Notification, subject to the Player’s right to challenge that decision set forth
      below. The Commissioner’s Office may ask the Players Association to consent
      to a one-time extension of the initial seven-day Administrative Leave period for
      an additional seven (7) days (for a total of fourteen (14) days), which consent
      shall not be unreasonably withheld. Alternatively, the Commissioner’s Office
      may defer placing the Player on Administrative Leave until the Player is either
      charged with a crime by law enforcement, or the Commissioner’s Office
      receives credible information corroborating the allegations. The
      Commissioner’s placement of a Player on Administrative Leave shall not be
      considered disciplinary under this Policy.
      The Policy implements four principal categories:
      Treatment and Investigation;
      Discipline; and
      Training Education and Resources.

      Trevor Bauer violated the terms of the MLB Policy.
      For those of you that are crying out Poor Trevor, how would you feel if Trevor took control of your loved one. Choked her until she became unconscious and then proceeded to commit further acts of sexual abuse just because he likes rough sex and acts of a sadistic person.
      Did you not read his 5 rules of dating? He wrote them, he is proud of them. The problem is Trevor Bauer does not date. He states that out in his rules.
      There are million of children out there that look at Trevor Bauer as a role model. What is truly sad is when an adult makes an excuse for an athlete’s malicious behaviors.

      1. Very well stated and verifiably true. I am a long time Dodger fan and UCLA graduate. I was saddened to hear this news and more upset when I read Trevor’s response to the charges. He didn’t offer a flat out denial but qualified his response saying he had emails supporting her desire to be beaten and enjoying rough sex. Really???

        1. Some people enjoy pain with sex and the fact that afterwards she would get paid…seems to be the sad truth here….Trevor either way, will never pitch for the Dodgers again…only question do the Dodgers have to pay…if he is tried…then no….
          In my humble opinion

      2. well written, Don’t agree entirely with your opinion though…due to the fact she went back a second time from San Diego…..she was looking to get paid…

  5. I really like everything about Trevor. Pitching attitude, fight for being the best for what is right, and keeping my fingers cross that he really is smarter than the average bear.

    1. You don’t understand the seriousness of domestic violence. People get killed. Temporary orders are imperative to protect victims.

  6. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I have really enjoyed how he has pitched and entertained us this year. I find him intelligent and humorous. I liked watching his You Tube videos. On the other hand, what kind of guy strikes a woman, chokes them, and makes them pass out? (assuming these allegations are true) I am really saddened because it leaves the Dodgers short another starting pitcher. The Dodgers and their fans trusted Trervor and apparently he has let them down.

  7. Baseball knowledge and bulldog approach are great qualities but he’s also done things like spread antii semetic conspiracy theories.

    1. Those theories don’t mean you’re anti everyday Jew. They mean you’re anti- Zionist banker tyrant, media control for brainwashing agenda, music industry control for propaganda and brainwashing- Jew.

  8. Two women posting on Bauer’s behalf.
    Did you two read the alligations?
    The backlash from women’s rights groups would be enormous if he ever plays again.

    1. Dis you know that Billie Jean King recently became a member of the Dodgers ownership group. How do you think the team now being the employer of a known sadomasochist is going to go over with the newest member of the team’s ownership group, who is one of the foremost feminists and women’s rights advocates on the planet? The next owners meeting should be interesting.

    2. They are just that. Allegations. If the text messages that were released are true, she asked for it. Personally, I believe this is a money grab. True, I don’t believe any man should hit a woman, but she travelled from SD to Pasadena TWICE for rough sex. She claimed that during the first encounter, he did some things without her consent. Then why did she go a second time?

      True, he may not have the best morals and character, but that doesn’t make him the monster some of you are making him out to be.

      1. Well said snarkygal. Luckily from I’ve seen on various social media, the majority think like you

  9. Hopefully this butt hole goes to jail for, if nothing else, lack of class, character, common sense etc.
    Been a Dodger fan since Brooklyn days and this d bag doesn’t belong. Find the morals wording in his contact, void it and go back to bringing in players that represent what this storied franchise has always standed for. This signing was a knee jerk reaction to what the Friars were doing. Stupid and reckless.
    Have an escape clause? Use it!!

  10. The Tiger Woods sex drama is an example of how a players actions could greatly affect them even if those actions are not illegal or criminal. Upon Tiger’s rampant use of proditutes all over the country becoming public knowledge almost instantly all of his corporate sponsors (except Nike) voided their contracts with him, thereby, causing him to lose hindreds of millions in endorsement income over the remaining life of those contracts. His corporate soonsors effectively determined that continued relationship with Tiger endotsing thir products was bad fot business. Keep in mind that Tigervdidn’t do anything that had the potential to land him befote a judge or jury.

    Even if Bauer is not charged with any crime (just a “what if”), the Dodgers are now the employers of a known sadomasochist who beats women for sexual pleasure. There isn’t anything illegal necessarily illegal about bring a sadomasochist assuming the acts involved aren’t illegal. Keep in mind that under the law there are certain acts for which consent can never be legally given. So saying she consented isn’t a defense if ehat the woman consented to is not a legal consent under the law. For exsmple, nobody can consent to being murdered. So, a defense that the victim consented to the murder as not a legally valid defense. A person can’t consent to being harmed, which is an example more pertinent to the Bauer case. I won’t go into the legal issues becaue this comment is about even if Bauer didn’t face legal issues. But I just wanted to give a heads up about the “she consented” defense thatvI’ve seen man people makr in different forums, as that isn’t a defense for alk acts involved in a case.

    Getting back to Bauer now being a known sadomasochist on a team who’s image and reputation is squeeky-clean and a prodcer of family-friendly entertainment which up there alungside Dsney’s reputation. Now, does having a known sadomasochist standing front and venter on the mound representing the team and organization conflict with everything the team trives to stsnd for? Is that player’s image enhance or detract from the teams budiness image? Is it good fot the Dodgers business to be represented by a known sadomasochist? Additionally, in its commitment to women and rqual tightd, Billie Jean King and her partner were recently added to the group that own the Dodgers. So, is having a known sadomasochist on the mound representing the team every 5th game consistent with having one of the foremost feminists and champions of women’s rights anong the Dodgers ownership group. Even if Bauer has zero legal issues, he has made himself bad for the Dodgers business. Even if the Dodgers cannot void his conyract via the morals clause in his contract and can only get rid of him by releasing him (in which they would still have to pay his contracted salary), having Bauer on the team and the new image and reputation he has created for himself will cost the team more that any contract amounts the team might eat by releasing him. His presence on the team is not an asset, but rather a liability that devalues the organization. Just like Tiger’s corporate spinsors determined when they severed their relationships with Tiger, so too has Bauer has made himself bad for his employers business.

    1. Great article…why aren’t you writing for the Dodgers more often…I know you would want to mislead with some silly headline, then post an Stupid Post…
      Go Dodgers

  11. Well there’s endless possibilities here. MLB suspends Bauer for 30 games. The Dodgers make a trade for Castillo, Bauer returns well rested just in time for the Dodgers to smoke everyone on their way to World Series title Number 8. MLB feels all giddy and Morally fulfilled , the Community Social justice warriors feel satisfied and the Dodgers just keep rolling!!!

  12. Clear and simple: Doesn’t anybody else think, something seriously FISHY!?! The Dodgers all of sudden keep winning, (up until 2 nights ago), the padres, were loosing during that streak and the Gnats….were pretty much the Gnats of old. This woman or victim or whoever she proclaims to be, is a fan of anybody but the Dodgers, I guarantee you that! I call it 110% coincidink!

  13. I think it is unfair that Trevor Bauer is being treated as if he is already guilty. I have worked with some women who want it both ways – they play along with the men until the day it doesn’t suit them. I personally don’t care for Trevor Bauer but there are three sides to a story, her side, his side and the real truth. If she felt threaten the first time, why didn’t she get the police involved at that time instead of coming back the second time.

  14. I had to look up rough sex. So there you have it I had no idea what the hell it is. OK if you did your in trouble. Be honest and lets get you help. It will be faster and easier on you, Oh and don’t ever do it again and get a best friend for security

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