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Dodgers Re-Sign Blake Treinen to a 2-Year Deal

Dodgers fans have been waiting for a big deal to happen this offseason, and it’s been very slow. There have been a few minor league deals and a decent trade or two, but up until now things have been mostly silent. That changed on Tuesday evening when the team announced a signing. 

The Dodgers have re-signed reliever Blake Treinen to a 2-year deal. The contract includes a team option for a third year, per the Dodgers PR department. Treinen returns to Los Angeles after the team signed him to a 1-year deal for the 2020 season. 

Treinen is 32 years old and comes back after pitching to a 3.86 ERA during the regular season. He struck out 22 in 25.2 innings pitchers and finished the season tied for the team in wins by a reliever as well as appearances by a reliever. Treinen led the Dodgers in holds as well with 9. He really made his mark in the postseason where he appeared in an astounding 11 games, throwing 11.1 innings. 

The Dodgers have not yet announced the terms of the contract or the figures associated with the deal. When the numbers come out, Treinen will instantly become the highest-paid reliever of the offseason. 

UPDATE: The contract is indeed for two years with a club option for a third year. The contract includes $17.5 million for the first two years, and the option is worth $8 million per Jeff Passan

Breaking Down the Deal and Why a Big Move Could be On the Way!

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  1. Good to have you back Blake “BT” Treinen (49)
    “The 2020 World Series Champions LA Dodgers”
    “Let’s Do a Repeat in 2021”

  2. $17.5M/yr is a pretty significant jump from the $10M Treinen signed for in 2020. Seems to be a little rich to me for a guy who posted a less than spectacular 3.86 ERA. Glad we got him back, but this probably closes the door on Hendriks or any other shutdown closer acquisition.

      1. In that case, I like it a lot. Now re-sign JT as well. I’m as big a JT fan as there is. But he will have to back off the 4 yr demand. It just won’t work. They need to settle on 3 years.

  3. I’m good with Treinen coming back and his 2 year plus option deal was certainly less costly than the 4 year deal it would take to sign Hendricks. As I see it, this allows Dodgers to pursue by FA or trade that RHB Freidman wants somewhat easier to accomplish.

  4. Glad to have Blake back. I would guess we are done on the pitcher market. Now let’s re sign Justin. And then work extensions for Corey and Clayton.

    1. Turner most likely will have to come down from a desire of a 4 year deal at age 36.. And it could depend on whether the NL has the DH in 2021 or not. BTW I honestly can’t see the MLB believing the return of pitchers batting is or would be any more safe health wise in 2021 after not picking up a bat anywhere or at any time for over a year now.

  5. Phew…. nice! Bullpen was scary before this. Seems like Treinen gave the team home town price to stay, good for everyone.

  6. Treinen was slightly worse than Jansen last year by pretty much every metric, and we’re paying him less than half of what Jansen makes. I don’t dislike Treinen, but I say meh. Would have preferred someone better, like Hand, who could have been had for 1 year at 10M, or even better, splurge for Hendrik. We have a bunch of late inning candidates, but not a drop dead closer type. Treinen gave up runs in 6 games in a 60 game season, and his post season ERA is over 6. Reminds me of the Kelly signing, where we paid a lot of money for a guy with mediocre overall credentials, spotted with a few specks of dominance.

  7. I don’t get this signing. In 2020 BT’s bWAR was -0.2. Also, his K/9 has declined steadily since his stellar 2018 season. He’s down to 7.7 K/9 from a high of 11.2.

    By comparison, eight Dodgers relievers put up a bWAR of 0.2 or better in 2020. Jansen, Kelly, Floro, Ferguson, Alexander, Graderol, Gonzalez, and McGee. I’m not including relievers who pitched a bunch of innings as a SP (May, Urias, Gonsolin, Wood).

    The Dodgers just have too many good relievers to waste their money on BT. My prediction: this will be a signing that Friedman regrets.

  8. This is good first step toward a better pen. May not be eventual closer but certainly a late game fireman. There are others like Graterol, Gonzalez,Kelly. Next, fire up the E Rios express at 3b.Resign Peterson to handle RH pitching.

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