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MLB News: The 2021 Minor League Season Below Triple-A Will Be Delayed

There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered about the MLB season in the coming weeks. For instance, are we starting on time as scheduled? Do we get a full 162 game season? At what point will fans be allowed? Unfrtuatntely for us, the league tends to get these things done at an incredibly slow rate that rivals that of your average DMV office. 

The latest update from Minor League Baseball might give us some insight into what will be happening with MLB for 2021. A memo sent by MLB this week stipulates that Double-A and Class-A ball will have a delayed start this year, confirming what we were all waiting for. 

MLB informed teams that Spring Training for these players will NOT be able to start until all MLB and Triple-A players have left the facilities. This is in an effort to allow for safer COVID-19 guidelines and lowering the risk of person-to-person contact. 

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If MLB Spring Training begins as scheduled, then minor leaguers would be able to start their Spring around late March. This is assuming that everything does start on time, which doesn’t appear to be the case as of now. The league could get together a plan very quickly for the 2021 season, but we all know how last season went. 

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  1. This actually a smart move for all concerned. Limit exposure as much as possible. I’m still not confident MLB season will start on time, but have my fingers crossed.

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