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Dodgers: Recapping the Offseason Moves Made Thus Far

The great thing about being the World Seris champions after 32 years is that the pressure if off. The Dodgers don’t need to go out and buy all of the biggest names or make trades that deplete their farm system. Andrew Friedman and the front office know what they have, and that’s one of the best teams in baseball. With that being said, let’s recap some of the moves made so far as we head into January. 

Dodgers Get Bullpen Help

The big need coming into this offseason was bullpen help. With Blake Treinen, Pedro Baez, and Alex Wood likely gone, the Dodgers needed to add some arms for depth. And boy did they ever add some arms. Los Angeles signed Tommy Kahnle to a two-year deal as he recovers from Tommy John surgery in hopes that he can be a huge addition in 2022. 

The Dodgers also traded for Brewers reliever Corey Knebel, who could end up being a huge addition in 2021. Knebel is under contract for the 2021 season, and Los Angeles is hopeful that he can return to his 2017 form. LA also added Brock Stewart, James Pazos, Jimmy Nelson, and Andrew Schwaab on minor league deals. 

Most recently, the Dodgers swung a three-team trade with Tampa Bay and Philadelphia to land LHP Garrett Cleavinger. 

Rule 5 Draft Additions 

The Dodgers lost a whole lot of talent in the Rule 5 draft but were also able to gain some in the process. They selected catcher Ryan January from the Diamondbacks as well as Roimer Bolivar from the Rays. Unfortunately, Los Angeles ended up losing eight players between the two phases of the draft. 

Other Help

For the most part, the Dodgers have been silent other than being involved in plenty of rumors. They signed old friend Tim Federowicz to a minor league deal that will help them with depth at the catching position, a move that many speculated could hint to a prospect trade. They also scooped up second baseman/infielder Carlos Asuaje on a minor league deal, another depth move for Andrew Friedman. 

Notable (Potential) Losses

The Dodgers’ main free agents have yet to sign any deals with other teams, but most of them will likely be heading elsewhere. Joc Pederson hasn’t been linked to any other teams for the most part, though his bat certainly fits in with plenty of teams around the league. Enrique Hernandez fits well with almost every team around the league, and the rumors would certainly suggest that. Justin Turner appears to have caught the attention of the Blue Jays, but even that rumor has lost its vigor as of late.

All in all, a slow offseason thus far. Expect things to pick up in the coming weeks as MLB tries to figure out what next season will look like. 

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  1. Do they have enough bullpen help? We do not have any idea how internally the Dodgers have decided to use Gonzalez, Graterol Alexander, etc in 2021. The Dodger’s abundance of potential starting rotation pitchers tells us some of them will be going into the bullpen or used in a trade. Plus they have Gray their #1 prospect that should be brought up in 2021.
    I believe they re-sign Turner and possibly Pederson depending on the market. Perhaps Treinen depending on the market. I do not see the Dodgers spending huge money for a reliever or someone like LeMahieu besides one of the NY teams will sing him.
    We shall see.

  2. Biggest off-season moves? Multiple releivers trying to come back from injuries, mostly TJ surgery. Other than that, not much. Re-sign Turner. Try to get Treinen back.
    Get a closer like Hendricks, Hand, or Hader. Get a RHB like LeMahieu, or a lesser, but still capable guy who can slot in at 2B. Friedman doesn’t need to make a lot of big money moves, but we do need a few things beyond the bargain basement grab bag. And I think he knows that and will move on the right guys at the right time.

  3. “Dodgers: Recapping the Offseason Moves Made Thus Far” What moves?? Could’ve fooled me. Correction to the caption of the article: 2020 World Series Champions Go For The Cheap

  4. It remains to be seen if the Dodgers want a dynasty or if they want to use this championship as a reason to go back to being cheap. They like to always be rebuilding while simultaneously be in win mode. Some years that might work but others there will be far too much competition. I think 2021 will be one of those years. When May and Gonsolin become seasoned I think we’ll win another

  5. How about re-sign JT for two years with a 3rd year club option, sign LaMayhoo to play 2nd, (there is your two RH bats and then some). Trade Lux to Milwaukee (he’s going home)for a package that nets us Hader.

  6. Thank you Brook for an article without wild speculation, just a common sense recap. Thanks for not trying to rationalize these moves or make something out of them that’s not there.
    They are safe, smart moves and they’re only the beginning. January will be the time more trades and signings will happen. Expect JT to resign soon. And we’ll soon find out what AF really thinks about Jansen and Lux, if he goes out and gets replacements for them or slots them into closer and 2b

  7. You forgot Brandon Morrow! Anyway, Friedman can’t possibly be done at this point. The bullpen is not shored up and the lineup is dangerously left handed. Yes, thus far it looks like more of the old days of “tinkering around the edges” but I’ll withhold judgment until this spring. When the FA bagged Betts they earned the benefit of the doubt for at least another few months. I just spent the last 32 years hand wringing. I’m going to enjoy the team being World Champions for a couple more months at least.

  8. How clueless are people that call the Dodgers cheap when they have consistently had one of the highest payrolls in baseball!
    Kasten is in charge. Using players from the Farm System they have built as one of the elite organizations in baseball is smart, not cheap. In order to keep homegrown stars, you must have turnover on other positions and use that money to keep them. Guys like Seager, Bellinger, etc. Look at the Cubs they are at a point they have to sell to keep some of their young talents. The Dodgers are able to bring players up and let great guys like Hernandez and Pederson go because they can bring up comparable talent from the Farma and pay them rookie wages.

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