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Dodgers: Top Prospect Josiah Gray Expected to Debut in 2021

When the new ownership took over the Dodgers back in 2012, they had a few goals in mind. The most obvious was to bring a championship back to Los Angeles, which they were successful in doing this past season. But the goal wasn’t to sell out to win a championship and sacrifice long-term success. The Guggenheim group and their leadership pushed a focus of winning now and winning for a very long time. 

Part of the desire to win for a long time resulted in a boost to their farm system. Andrew Friedman and the front office wheeled and sealed to make sure that the Dodgers had plenty of talent from top to bottom in their organization, and it’s what continues to make them so successful today. 

In recent years, we’ve been able to witness the success of building up their farm system firsthand. We’ve seen guys like Joc Pederson, Walker Buehler, Cody Bellinger, and Corey Seager all fly through the system and make an immediate impact on the Dodgers big league team. It seems like no matter what year we’re in, there’s always a stud player waiting for his turn. 

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This year, MLB experts have one guy in mind that they believe will debut for the Dodgers in 2021. That guy is right-handed pitcher Josiah Gray. Los Angeles stole Gray away from the Reds in a trade that was mostly meant to clear roster space and some salary — or at least that’s how it looked at the time. Just a few years later, and Gray is now their top prospect heading into 2021. 

Gray is a guy that generates a TON of swings and misses and has a strong repertoire that features a lively fastball. He probably could have been ready to go for the Dodgers in 2020, but the need to rush him into things never really surfaced. Keep an eye on this guy in 2021, he could end up being a huge addition to an already amazing staff. 

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  1. Dodgers have a rotation of Kershaw, possibly Price if he plays, Buehler, Urias, May, Gonsolin, etc. On the roster are guys like Jackson, Carrillo, & White. Gray is another highly-rated prospect and the Dodger draft reportedly was very successful in landing top talent like Beeber, Miller, Knack, and others.
    That is why I am shocked when supposed “Baseball expert analysts” think the Dodgers should sign Bauer or other pitchers.
    Gray is a top prospect do they decide to play him or trade him? He could have easily come up last year. Is there another team that has an outstanding right-handed bat that can use a top prospect or two?

  2. Depends on whether Price plays or not. But, Gray is the next top pitcher up for the Dodgers. If he’s ready this year, then Friedman should try to re-work Price’s deal. Give him a signing bonus this year, and spread that ridiculous $64 million out over 10 years. Send Price off to a nice retirement immediately.

    Once Gray joins Buehler, Kershaw, Urias, May and Gonsolin, the Dodgers will have the #1 starting rotation in MLB again. The only concern I have is that the Dodgers do NOT have a top lefty anywhere in the system close to replacing Kershaw. Perhaps that what Friedman uses Ruiz for…

    1. Urias is left-handed as is Gonzalez. You are correct in that the rest of the top Dodger prospects are right-handed. Gray, Jackson, Carrillo, Beeber, Miller, Knack are all righties.
      How important is leftie vs rightie when you are talking elite pitching? If Buehler or May are on does it matter?
      Scherzer and Strasberg are both righties and they didn’t have any issues winning the World series.
      If an elite pitcher is on it really doesn’t matter. The Dodgers have the possibility of having a young rotation of 4 or 5 elite pitchers by 2022 and one will be left-handed. I believe the Dodgers will extend Kershaw.

  3. Saw Josiah in a few spring training #1 games and he was in some pretty good tunnel vision with the catcher. Focus is what sets great pitchers apart from the pack. A good thing to see in a young Dodger pitcher.

  4. Based on the general viewpoints on here it should be safe to say that if a few propects are up for being trade material, then Gray is NOT one of them. Simply put he is untouchable in that case.

  5. Josiah gray is going to be 2021 Rookie of the year! He is going to surprise people, he is one remarkable young pitcher and look out LA he is gong to amaze you!

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