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Dodgers Release $30 Million Man Yaisel Sierra After Rough Career

Sometimes you take a bet on someone and it doesn’t quite work out. That’s especially true in Major League Baseball and in the International Free Agent market. The Dodgers have landed quite a few big names there over the years, but they’ve also had a few fall flat. 

One of those guys is Yaisel Sierra. Highly touted coming out of Cuba, Sierra was picked up on a $30 million deal by the Dodgers after he defected in 2015. Now 30 years old, Sierra has yet to pitch a big league inning. He ended the year pitching with the Triple-A team and getting hit very hard in the process. 

Sierra ended up with a staggering 14.33 earned run average across 16.1 innings for the OKC Dodgers in 2021. That came on the heels of a shortened 2019 season followed by a lost pandemic season for Sierra. But he did get his chance to prove himself with the team, he just never found it. 

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Now, $30 million and a whole lot of time invested later, the Dodgers have reportedly cut ties with Sierra. They have released him and he will now be eligible to sign with any other team that might want to work on him. 

It was a big gamble, and it didn’t quite work out for the Dodgers. 

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  1. I think a common problem with signing players from Cuba is that the players want off that island more than playing in the MLB.

    1. They grow up with the Love for Baseball, they all in Cuba or any other country have a deep respect for Baseball. Baseball is Life!
      Dont judge others from one persons mistake, doesnt mean they all are this way. Ignorance is ……

  2. After making all that ‘Blue Money’ Yasiel ll can go back to Cuba, buy the biggest house on the island and tell all his friends that he didn’t even play 1 game in the Bigs! This is a success story if I ever heard one. Thank you Dodgers!

  3. This story is a GREAT reminder that the Dodger ownership will spend whatever it takes to get the Dodgers in the playoffs every year. So thankful! Beat the gnats!

    1. Seriously? A total lack of vision on LA’s part. The man was an unknown MLB commodity, of which all players are, they hand him $30 Million sight unseen.

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