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Dodgers Release Trevor Bauer, Reactions, Bauer Responds, What’s Next For LA? | Blue Heaven Podcast

The Dodgers announced they would be designating pitcher Trevor Bauer for assignment. With the move, the team is one step closer to the end of what ultimately was a troublesome partnership.

Soon after the news was announced, we jumped onto a live stream for thoughts, reactions, and fan takes from our incredible base of subscribers. It’s safe to say the emotions were high on all sides of the aisle.

We also break down the statement released by the Dodgers as well as one released by Bauer himself and question everything about a reported meeting between LA representatives and Bauer and his representation.




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Join your Blue Heaven hosts Clint Pasillas and Doug McKain as they talk about this week in Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball. We share the opinions of nearly one million fans from our Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook pages to gain insight on what the fans are thinking and do our best to represent all perspectives in the Dodgers Community. Look out for special interviews with other bloggers, celebrities, players, and more, along with giveaways for the best fans on earth!


Clint Pasillas

Clint Pasillas has been writing, blogging, and podcasting about the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2008. Under Clint's leadership as the Lead Editor, Dodgers Nation has grown into one of the most read baseball sites in the world with millions of unique visitors per month. Find him online on Twitter/X or his YouTube channel!


  1. Dodgers are steadily dismantling their team. They will regret not keeping Bauer. Their starting pitching is doubtful at best, and they still have to pay Bauer 22 million more? They don’t even have a closer. But, they keep Roberts, who messed up their relief pitching in the playoffs.
    Padres should win the N.L. West, but Astros should win it all again.

  2. Guilty, innocent, not charged, whatever. He’s a stain on baseball. I know he’s a good pitcher but a team has to have values and standards to live up to. Dodgers did the right thing. Good riddance.

  3. Cheap with a high upside. Bauer signs with the SF Giants. Literally bites the hand that feeds him becoming a SF dodger slayer.

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