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Dodgers: Report Finds That 5 Members of the Organization Test Positive for COVID-19

The Dodgers just got done releasing a statement today on the Justin Turner situation at the World Series. They released one along with MLB and JT himself as the investigation came to a close. And now, we’re finding out more about the testing done by the organization as a whole. 

USA Today is reporting now that 5 members of the Dodgers organization have tested positive for COVID-19. The report did not specify if those test results were found with everyone being tested due to JT being on the field during the World Series celebration. 

It’s unclear at this point which members tested positive, but the original report suggests it was 5 members of the organization that were not in the bubble. There was also a Dodgers organization family member that tested positive according to that same report. The report also does not mention whether Justin Turner was included among the 5 organization members listed by the Los Angeles Department of Health. 

The results come just 10 days after the World Series celebration, though it’s likely not possible to link the two directly. If the Dodgers did have people in the organization that were outside of the bubble, it seems odd that they would be able to have any contact with the team or with family members. More on this to come as it continues to develop. 

Update: It looks as though the members tested were never in Texas with the team at all. The report from USA Today seems to indicate that the members tested were simply a part of the Dodgers organization as a whole and makes no mention of employees that were in Texas with the team. 

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  1. Sounds like it was probably some of those outside people. It also matters if anyone actually got sick. A large part of the numbers are people testing out of curiosity or necessity not because they were feeling anything. These 5 are the those people

  2. A lot of my friends have been tested for Cov-19 are false positives they did not have any of symptoms because they have taken the flu shot this year they had a greater chance of testing false positive because of the coronavirus and toxins that are in the flu shot especially if your immune system is low.

  3. While there are certainly potential false positive results for Covid-19 testing, it is NOT true that getting a flu shot can cause a false positive test. These are completely different families of viruses and the flu vaccine has nothing that would cross react with a Covid test. This false theory was placed on social media by an anti-vaccine proponent. As a physician, I’d much rather have my patients get the flu vaccine to protect against this respiratory illness and not overlap with something like Covid or put a strain on our healthcare system with two respiratory illness running rampant.
    Stay healthy Dodger Nation and Go Blue!!

    1. As a physician, you cannot responsibly say that there are absolutely no false positives for this test. Similarly you cannot say there are never false negatives. The fault of a false positive as you very well know often may not lie in the mechanism of action for the particular test and identification of a particular immune response, but in human error where samples are contaminated, switched, the chain of custody is broken, the list continues ad infinitum.

      Furthermore, unless you know the exact testing method utilized by the Dodgers, that claim is misleading. There are multiple methods of testing, some used have a higher rate of false positives than others. Of course, it is always safer to have false positives than false negatives, but there is no universal “gold-standard” COVID-19 test, although for practical purposes it is the RT-PCR assay. A review of the recently published meta-analysis by Surkova et al. (2020) will show you exactly why sticking to facts is so important, especially in the context of our society today (where there is so much distrust in authority figures, from politicians to physicians), let’s not give them any additional ammunition to spew their vitriolic rhetoric against the unwitting.

  4. Charlie, perhaps you interpreted my post incorrectly. I agree wholeheartedly that testing has false positives and false negatives, especially with all these different covid tests. I don’t believe I made any mention to the contrary, nor spoke about specificity or sensitivity of Covid testing. I simply pointed out, in response to a previous posting, that I have seen no evidence that a “flu shot” gives someone a positive Covid test. If there is such an article to the contrary that utilizes the scientific approach, I welcome someone to share it and enlighten me. I usually refrain from posting anything on social media chat sites, but I don’t want misinformation put out to the public that might dissuade someone from protecting themselves or loved ones.

  5. World Series can be won again but why would you jeopardize an invalid family member, a child, your spouse, your parents. I have friends that contracted this dreadful virus and their lives will never be the same. Remember that objects can be replaced but not lived.

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