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Dodgers Reportedly Tried to Wear Traditional Uniforms for Players Weekend

The Dodgers are playing the Yankees at Dodger Stadium this weekend — a battle of two of the most storied franchises in sports, and two of the most iconic uniforms as well… usually. However, this particular match up happened to fall on MLB’s annual “Players Weekend,” which comes usually with uniform tops that are embraced by players and fans alike. But not this season.

Now, according to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, the Dodgers reportedly asked MLB for permission to allow both teams wears their traditional uniforms, at least for one game. It was a no.

Cody Bellinger offered his thoughts on the helmets in particular.

I’m off the helmets. They do look like a damn Q-Tip.

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Yankees manager Aaron Boone added his thoughts.

The one thing I would say — you know, Dodgers-Yankees, I feel like it would be cool that… this isn’t necessarily the best weekend for us, I think having this matchup and to have them in their uniform and us in ours.

Brown did note that the Chicago Cubs chose to forego the complete look and stick with their traditional blue caps…

… They got a letter from MLB reinforcing the “fun” of players weekend.

What are your thoughts on the monochrome white vs black uniforms?

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  1. Is there anyone in MLB with common sense? One look at these ridiculous uniforms should have been enough for someone to say NO! “dreadful, horrendous, awful, terrible, appalling, hideous, atrocious, sickening, nauseating”

    1. SoCal, you are sooooooooooooooo right in what you say. These uniforms are a disaster!!!! If we were playing an a heavy fog or late spring snow, no one would be able to see the players. I don’t care if I cannot see the Yankees; they are invisible to me anyway!!! But, I would miss my Dodgers!!! MLB has to realize that you cannot commercialize everything. Now, there is an ugly rumor going around about implementing a “mercy rule”. Say it ain’t so!!!!! Go Blue!!!!

  2. Good day SoCalBum. Can I simply just totally agree here with your post? You said all the right things and MLB is absolutely out of line on this uniform thing. If I were the Player’s Assoc. That would be one of the very FIST things to address this off season. MLB has no right IMHO to invade player’s privacy and preferences in regards to what is an absolute embarrassment for players.

  3. I wanna know why they changed it from everyone having a custom players weekend uniform to having every home team wear these ugly whites and every road team wear the same black one

  4. It would have been historic to see the Dodgers and the Yankees in their beautiful uniforms for the first time in quite a number of years on the field together! What is with these hard to read, nauseatingly monochromatic unis, and why are MLB officials being so officials being such chumps?

  5. The dream match up with the most iconic teams in the most classic uniforms and one man gave us this garbage? This wasn’t a player’s weekend, nor a fan’s weekend. It was all about it being “Manfred’s weekend.” Another one of his bonehead decisions. Monday should be a real players/fans day and have a burning of all the “player’s weekend” uniforms.
    I need to go to the next home game in real their uniforms to help purge the sight of these Manfred’s monsters.

  6. I have yet to see one comment on any social media platform, saying they like them, and it seems all the players dislike them as well, all i can say the uniforms are garbage whoever designed them should be fired!

  7. Well Friday night they looked and played like the” Good Humor Man” or maybe his counterpart , Mr. SOFTEE , the players looked ridiculous, Williamsport looked much sharper in dress than these grown men ,whom ever let this happen should really step back and think ! Is Halloween in August,what a shame.

  8. They are really ugly uniforms! Dodgers have the best uniforms in major league baseball they should let them wear them always. The fact that they don’t change their colors like other teams make them unique, and their fans don’t have to buy new Dodger gear all the time.

  9. Why haven’t they thought to butt up Players weekend to the All-Star Week, and add it to the festivities? I don’t even get the point anymore of it all.

  10. I was at Dodger Stadium on Friday and no one could read the nicknames on the white jerseys anyway! It was a waste. Just to sell some more jerseys. Shame on MLB. They ruined a great series between two classic organizations. It would have much better to see the teams in the classic uniforms.

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