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Dodgers: Rich Hill Does Everything He Can to Prove He’s Healthy

Veteran Dodger Rich Hill carries a lot of postseason roster weight on his shoulders. He’s missed most of the 2019 season with forearm and knee issues. Heading into play on Tuesday, he had 2 outings and upwards of 5-6 innings to prove whether or not he can not only occupy a roster spot, but own it.

Much like he did in his previous return outing in Baltimore, Hill struck out the first batter he faced, but he had a little scare that looked like it could spell the end for his season.

For a brief spell, it really did not look good. However, he adjusted, rebounded and got out of the inning.

Things changed drastically for the lefty in the 2nd inning. At first glance you would have bet the house on a pinch hitter coming up for Hill, but he didn’t even give them a chance.

Then, the miracle happened.

Yet here I am writing this stuff. The Dodger play-by-play team of Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser quickly noted how active Hill was as he was “dancing off second base” as he took his secondary lead.

From there, something appeared to click for the veteran and he found a groove in his second and final inning.

It should be noted that the Padres were playing their (version of an) A squad.

And Richie mowed them down, punctuating the outing by recording his 1,000th career strikeout on his final batter.

Dodger Insider Rowan Kavner hit us with the perfect quick summary.

It was an impressive and inspiring effort from the 39 year-old. As I said on Twitter, Hill was either playing for October, or like it could be his last game ever.

To prove himself postseason roster worthy — something the left-hander very much wants — D Mountain jogged to the bullpen to simulate a third innings worth of pitches.

Rich Hill is laying everything on the line and we are all here for it.

Thank you, Rich!

Clint Pasillas

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  1. Only to be robbed of World Series glory for a third straight year by the insanity that Is the Dodgers?

    1. Once the Dodgers get over the hump they will no doubt win many mor WS. Maybe 3 of the next 5, 4 of the next 8. They will go on a crazy run, once they do it next.
      Go Dodgers!

  2. He will probably get a roster spot. I would use him for 2 or 3 innings here and there to throw the other team off balance. He has such devastating curveballs when he is on; you could throw him out there right after Buehler, for example. Totally different stuff. Then bring in a regular late inning guy. Quite a different look all the way to the ninth. Or start him, have him pitch 2 or 3, then bring in a righty like Maeda or Stripling. Once again, a totally different look. Need to pick the right spot, and Rich could be a real weapon for us.

  3. Hmm, I wonder how he feels today?

    He seemed to be trying too hard to look healthy. His post game throws and sprint from the bullpen were embarrassing. He’s begging.

    Trust me, Atlanta, Houston, NY are not San Diego.

  4. drain the swamp –pollock = 13 mil. what do dodgers need w/ these has beens
    martin = 20 mil.
    freeze = 45 mil
    gyorka = 13 mil. ??????????
    white = 583.000 ??????????
    91.5 mil. ?????????????? CRAZY

  5. You have to admire Hill’s effort, BUT is he worthy of a postseason roster spot, i.e. will he help the team to win a key game?

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