Dodgers: Roberts Doubles Down On His World Series Prediction

The Dodgers are all set to kick off their season in Colorado tomorrow. With so much potential on paper, it’s now up to them to get the job done and get back to the World Series. And that’s where many around baseball expect them to be with this roster. 

That would include Dave Roberts. The Dodgers skipper appeared on the Dan Patrick Show during Spring Training and boldly claimed that Los Angeles would have a World Series title when this season was finished. That obviously came with a lot of backlash from opposing fanbases and even players. 

This week, Doc was asked again if he regretted making that bold claim about his Dodgers. Roberts responded with the exact sort of message that any team should want from their manager, and it has us fired up. 

“No. Shouldn’t that be my take? Here’s my thing. For me to put it out there and believe this is what’s going to happen, I think is very powerful. It raises the bar for myself and everyone that’s part of the Dodgers. And I think in life, in anything, when you give yourself an out there’s an easy exit. I think for me, knowing this team, this organization, I feel for me to put myself out there and put my team out there and say, ‘I guarantee we’re going to be the last team standing,’ I don’t want to walk it back.”

The Dodgers have a lot of expectations placed on them this year, as they should with this sort of payroll. But it falls on them to execute and get back to the World Series after a disappointing end to the 2021 season. 

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And Roberts is absolutely the guy to lead them there. After receiving his contract extension during Spring Training, the pressure is on him to get the job done as well. It’s a big year all around for the Dodgers. 

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      • the dodgers are in serious trouble with roberts at the helm. the only silver lining from re-signing roberts is it gives them 4 years to find a real commander whos actually capable of leading the charge. versus flushing the entire operation down the toilet every year. well. they could always release roberts at any time and simply pay off the contract. i dont know if friedman is smart enough to locate and secure the right general.

      • Greg, think how far apart let’s say the Dodgers are from the Rams great season. Both loaded with star power, both with high expectations at the start of the seasons. The Rams had the seventh youngest roster in the league, the Dodgers are about the seventh oldest now. The Rams brought in a seasoned QB to team up with a Young stud coach that the entire league respects and would gladly play for. The Dodgers have the opposite, they have to lure Stars with ridiculous money as the ‘Only” factor in coming to L.A.. Not onec, “Never” do you hear any of these players say they came here because of Roberts. And when crunch time comes and other teams are hungry and on a mission, Dr Dave is standing in a pool of “Duh” Drrrrrrrrrrrr, and never motivates these teams. If Drrrr had the respect that let’s say Larussa has, then maybe players like Seager, Pollock, Kelly, Scherzer,Knebel,Keke’, Joc etc etc etc, would have stuck around. Now the entire baseball world just watched last years flop, and the division has caught up talent wise. The manager IS the final word when rosters and players being spit on ” Beaty” either give all or just do enough to satisfy their contract.