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Dodgers: Roberts Explains Why Julio Urias Was Pulled Early

The Giants came into town with one of the best offenses in baseball. In the first matchup of the 2022 season, the Dodgers’ pitching came to play. That started with Julio Urias, who got his fifth start of the year after pitching well in his past three. So aside from a rough start in Colorado, Julio has been lights out.  

But despite his run of success, the Dodgers didn’t trust him for long. Urias pitched into the 6th inning but was only at 65 pitches when Dave Roberts made the move. He had eclipsed 80 pitches in his last start and was at 75 in his start prior to that. 

 That led Dodgers fans to wonder why Doc was so quick to make the move. Especially after Julio had allowed just 4 hits and punched out 4 batters without allowing a walk. After the game, Roberts explained what led to him going with Brusdar Graterol after him. 

“I thought the stuff was good, but I thought they were taking some good swings off him.There was some hard contact (the innings before). I felt that part of the lineup again, just to give them a different look.”

It didn’t quite work out for Roberts though. Graterol came in and allowed an infield single and a walk before inducing a soft groundout. That eventually led to a run when Alex Vesia came in and gave up the sacrifice fly. Luckily, he ended up punching out the next batter to get out of the jam. 

But that has sort of been the case for starters this year with the Dodgers. With the exception of Walker Buehler, it seems like there has been an effort to avoid high pitching counts or to pull a starter before going through the heart of the order for the third time. 

We’ll see if that continues on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, but as of right now, Dave Roberts has yet to announce a starting pitcher. There is a chance that the Dodgers go with a bullpen game given the day off on Thursday before the team heads out to Chicago. 

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  1. Roberts NEEDS to be fired ASAP and banned for life! He should’ve never been extended. His dumb decision making cost us a shutout outing for Urias.

    1. The Dodgers are the one of the most boring teams in baseball, except Reds. Muncy is ALWAYS looking to be walked, never swings except at bad pitches after having two strikes. He needs to be benched till he figures out how to be aggressive again. Belli is totally lost as usual, same with Lux. JT looks bad, as does Mookie, always fly ball outs or striking out. Thank God we have Freddie, Trea and Taylor, and Smith. This is not an offensive team. They are not a very good baseball team.

  2. Graterol has not been doing so great this year. We are lucky to get out of that jam last night.

    1. Graterol is not ready for high leverage situations yet. Nibbles and walks too many hitters.

  3. Anyone ever hear of SMALL MAN SYNDROME. It’s when someone 2 inches taller than a dwarf has an ego as big as the sky. Whats he ever done other than 1 big Stolen Base? He makes the moves to put his decisions in the spotlight. He’s *uc*ing horrible. Possibly the worst game day manager in the history of baseball. After last nights win, we are 3-5 in games decided by 1 or 2 runs. And what was our record last year in extra innings, 2-12? The SD extra inning game we lost this year was totally on him. Pitching to a righty, with a LH Pitcher on the mound, with a lefty on deck. Same scenario the next night, and Cronensworth hit a routine grounder to 2B. Did that the night before, they were out of the inning.

  4. Roberts and Friedman don’t trust Urias there’s the proof.For those dumb decisions pulling him one or two innings earlier cost him a better chance at winning the Cy young cause his era would have been much lower .

  5. You guys crack me up! You blame Doc, but this team is run by a team. Doc, Pryor, Friedman etc all meet and discuss how to win games. They’re all on the same oage, it’s just Doc’s job to carry it out in the games. So if you don’t like it recognize why Friedman got so many relievefs in the off season. It’s his strategy every bit as much as it is Doc’s. I’d rather let the starters go longrrt to but this has been working for 3 yrs!

  6. No worries guys, Dr Dave already predicted winning the world series. Belli, Munchy, JT they all get paid whether they play hard or not, whether they hit or not. It’s Dr dave’s way, everyone get’s a trophy whether they actually win the World Series or not.

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