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Dodgers: Roberts Says Second Base Does Not Yet Belong to Gavin Lux

Going into the initial Spring Training in 2020, it appeared as though the Dodgers second base job belonged to Gavin Lux. After all, the number one prospect in the organization is the favorite to win the NL Rookie of the Year. 

But Lux has appeared in just a few Dodgers intrasquad games after arriving late to Summer Camp. He got into the exhibition game late on Sunday, but he also struck out in both at-bats. Chris Taylor got the start at 2B in Monday’s game a day after Kiké Hernandez got the nod there. That led many to wonder how far behind Lux actually is.

As it turns out, Dave Roberts very much views it as a position battle for reps at second base. Speaking with Dodgers media members on Monday, Doc said that there were a number of guys that could get starts there early on while Gavin works on a few things.

The struggles that Lux is currently facing have only been highlighted by the fact that Muncy, Taylor, and Hernandez all seem to be hitting the ball well as of late. Combine that with the fact all four guys can play second base well enough on defense and suddenly you have a full-on battle for reps. The Dodgers have not had a consistent starter at second base in a while, and that does not appear to be changing. 

In any other year, Hernandez and Taylor would likely be moving all around the diamond for starts. Their roles have sort of shifted now that the Dodgers have Mookie Betts in a crowded and loaded outfield. AJ Pollock and Joc Pederson are likely going to share time in left while also giving Cody and Mookie rest days. 

With that in mind, the first few weeks of the season should be interesting. The second base job will be one to watch as players get back into the swing of things, and Lux should be right there with everyone else. 

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  1. As if what Roberts thinks should be respected. I just rewatched game 5 last year so I don’t ever forget what he did to this team last year, I feel like too many people have moved on and forgotten and forgave him but we can’t

  2. To be honest with you I don’t see any all-star and/or rookie of the year qualities in Lux. He didn’t impress last season and has shown nothing in the pre season this year. That coupled with the fact that this “rookie” showed up late for summer camp is somewhat indicative of his character. The Dodgers have several outstanding vets who have way more potential. I say let Lux go.

  3. He’s a kid, this season has been weird, and he needs more time to spin up before the regular season. Don’t overreact, peeps. He’s a dedicated 2B and has the potential (much more than certain vets) to be a superstar, how anyone can even fathom letting him go is insanity.

  4. Just keep Kike at second he’s the best second baseman we have a gold glove defense and can hit 25 + hrs maybe 265+ but stop platooning him.

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