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Dodgers: Ron Cey and Bill Russell Set to Reunite This Weekend

Dodgers fans are in for a treat this weekend. Dodgers legend Ron Cey is set to welcome his former teammate and another legend in long-time LA short Bill Russell to his podcast. His podcast called “We’ll See About That” drops Saturday on

Both Cey and Russell played together between 1971 and 1982. Together they won the 1981 World Series but most notably they were part of the longest running infield in MLB history.

Cey and Russell played alongside Steve Garvey and Davey Lopes in 1973 and would go on to be together for the next eight-plus seasons. Together they were part of four National League pennant winning teams and played up until their 1981 World Series win.

Cey recently joined Doug McKain on Dodgers Nation’s YouTube where they discussed a myriad of Dodger topics including the 2022 postseason, Ron’s time in blue and what makes up a player that can perform in October. There’s a whole lot more to it than that, so it’s worth a watch or a listen on any podcast platform you prefer. Just search for Dodgers Nation: Blue Heaven Podcast.

Fans will now have an opportunity this Saturday at 11 am PST to listen to the legends of the game reminisce on their time together. The stories of baseball from the ’70’s and early ’80’s is not one fans want to miss.

It’s no question the two will have plenty to talk about with over 1000 games played together and give fans plenty of insight of the mentality of the game. Without the former Dodgers legends paving the way for today’s team, perhaps the fanbase may look a lot different.

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  1. I am looking forward to this. Hopefully, they will follow-up as the season progresses.

    1. LOL… That would be something! Maybe at least help teach the young guys. I’d go for that…


  2. I believe the Dodgers should take Bauer to spring training to see what they’ve got = they can make an intelligent decision depending how all phases of that plays out – all that would cost them is a roster spot

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