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Dodgers: Ross Stripling and Joc Pederson Have Some Ideas for the Minor Leagues

Joc Pederson was the latest guest on Sunset Strip with the Dodgers Ross Stripling. The weekly segment airs on the team’s Instagram account, and Stripling usually interviews one player while on. 

While the topics of conversation ranged from hair color to binge-worthy shows, the two Dodgers players also discussed the state of the minor leagues. Ross brought up the schedules they experienced when they were playing at the lower levels, and ask Joc his opinion on the possibility of playing in five-game sets. 

What do you think of that schedule? Where you go somewhere and play five games, and then go somewhere else?…I liked it. 

Joc was also a fan of that schedule, and his Dodgers teammate also felt that it could potentially be useful for the minor leagues this year. 

You actually had time in the city, especially in like a big-league city would be kind of cool. It’s something they should do with COVID, to limit travel? I don’t know. 

The idea the two Dodgers stars were talking about consists of longer series against teams. Rather than play a two or three-game set, teams would instead stay for an entire turn around the starting rotation. Something to consider for the minor leagues if they were somehow able to play this year. 

The minor leagues are likely going to be canceled entirely this year. though MLB has not made that entirely official. Teams have already started cutting minor league players in the midst of baseball’s shutdown. The Dodgers have committed to paying their minor league players through the end of June. 

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  1. Well I’m sure many Fans as myself are just about fed up with all the delays. Here it is almost June and 2 months lost out of the season. I’m almost sure there won’t be an All Start game unless they play it at the end of the season like December/January. And who knows how long the season will go considering rainouts, snowouts, floods, and heaven forbid another pandemic. If the season starts I for one probably won’t enjoy it as much as I would have a real season. Too many questions before and after the season.

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