Dodgers: Ross Stripling’s Podcast “The Big Swing” Features Big Guests

“The Big Swing Podcast” is hosted by Dodgers pitcher (and friend of the show) Ross Stripling and Cooper Surles. Their podcast has been in full swing (pun intended) since their first episode was available on January 30th of this year. It’s available where all podcasts are “sold for free”, including Spotify and the iTunes.

Ross and Cooper describe their podcast as being about “Sports, Pop Culture, Business, and everything in between!” They’ve featured guests such as Joe Davis, Cody Bellinger, Walker Buehler, Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans, Kiké and Mariana Hernandez, Alex Wood, Kyle Farmer, and most recently, Rich Hill.

Dick Mountain Guests On The Big Swing

In the latest podcast, Ross had a great conversation with teammate Rich Hill about his career and life in and out of baseball. It’s an hour long podcast, so there were plenty of great quotes from Rich. Here are some moments that stood out.

Rich Hill, on one of the many times he was sent down to the minors, despite pitching well:

I went home and continued to throw. Didn’t have anybody to throw with so I threw off a wall in the middle of south Boston off the side of an old warehouse.

On trusting his abilities and knowing what works for him, and not letting others sway him from that:

Something that’s stuck with me since then is not swaying from what my beliefs are or what I know works. That’s something that has proven to be tremendously successful for me and also, it’s helped me to be stubborn.

On succeeding against the odds:

If you want something bad enough you’re going to continue to do whatever it takes to break down those walls. I’ve always thought that if you have a passion for something, no matter how many times you fail–you’re going to continue to get up and keep moving forward, fail, and get up and keep moving forward.

On his charity, “Field of Genes” that was created in memory of his late son Brooks, who sadly died from a very rare genetic disease:

There’s a lot of great funding going on for many horrific diseases and unfortunate things that are going on out there in the world. But rare genetic diseases is something that has been underfunded and affects many families. It’s something that we’re hoping will be able to help families with their research and to also get continued testing.

It was just something I felt that we could help others out. It’s a tough situation for anybody to be in with their loved one or their child. It’s something that we’re able to give back a little bit.

Ross The Boss Podcast Host

On this particular podcast it was clear that Rich Hill’s indelible story and experiences were best left for Rich to tell. For a podcast host to sit back and let their guest (Rich Hill) tell their story without a lot of interjection and interruption is a skill that not many podcast hosts have. Ross (and Cooper) felt out the context and their guest, and knew to just let Rich tell his story. That is an incredible gift to their listeners, and a sign of a truly mature and wonderful host. Here are some of Ross Stripling’s best quotes from this particular episode.

On Rich Hill’s incredible story:

Rich telling it doesn’t even do it justice. Looking up his Wikipedia page doesn’t do it justice. With having a family, and a son, going to independent ball, dropping to side-arm….I don’t know man. There’s SO much to digest when you hear Rich Hill’s story. To think about 17 years to get to where he is today…

Friend Of The Show

Ross Stripling sure enjoys a good podcast. He owns a good podcast, and was also on another great podcast. Ross Stripling was recently in the Dodgers Nation headquarters with our very own Clint and Brook on Dodgers Nation’s Blue Heaven Podcast.

We got to know our very own 2018 all-star a little better. He shared with us his thoughts on his nickname, “Chicken Strip,” whether other MLB players pay attention to their mentions and social media, and much more!

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