Dodgers Rumors: Dodgers Scout Bryan LaHair

The Dodgers are more than likely going to lose Andre Ethier to the disabled list due to an oblique injury suffered yesterday afternoon against the Giants. It goes along with another concern as the team managed to not score any runs in three games against the Giants.

Moves need to be made, it’s time.

Buster Olney from ESPN reports,

Dodgers have scouted Bryan LaHair, and like other teams, they have concerns about defense. Maybe that won’t matter, because they need help.

The Dodgers decided to pass on Kevin Youkilis this past weekend, which was fine. However, I was under the impression the reason we passed on Youkilis was because we had someone better in our sights. We’re still waiting Ned…

Bryan LaHair is an upgrade to some on the roster, many as of late.

But is he the answer?

James Loney ($6m | 28 yrs old)
.244 AVG | .312 OBP | .333 SLG | .272 wOBA

Bryan LaHair ($480k | 29 yrs old)
.281 AVG | .364 OBP | .532 SLG | .379 wOBA

LaHair would be under team control until 2018, while Loney is a free agent after this season. It’s no secret that Loney is a better defender, but that formula isn’t exactly working these days.

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