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Dodgers Rumors: Hall of Fame Pitcher Doesn’t Think Clayton Kershaw Should Retire Yet

The lasting image of veteran Clayton Kershaw from the 2023 season will be another sad photo. It seems like we could create a full photo collage with the images of Kershaw after a poor performance in the postseason.

He got rocked in Game 1 of the team’s NLDS series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and that set the tone for the rest of the series. LA was swept out of the playoffs, and for the third time in five years, they failed to advance in the postseason.

Kershaw allowed six runs to the Diamondbacks within the first inning, and he couldn’t even get out of the inning himself. It was a horrible way for him to end his season, but hopefully, this isn’t the last time we see him wearing a Dodgers jersey.

It seems that one Hall-of-Fame pitcher agrees with this, as Pedro Martinez thinks Kershaw deserves to keep playing if he can get healthy.

Before he was shelled in the postseason, Kershaw actually put together a solid year for the Dodgers. He posted an ERA of 2.46, but he did battle injury down the stretch of the season. Kershaw spoke after the game about his future and said that he was unsure of what he would do going forward.

The injury got the best of him against the Diamondbacks, and he never got a chance to potentially redeem himself in the series. If Kershaw does return, it would be a welcome sight for all involved.

He doesn’t deserve to go out this way and should give himself another chance to go out on a high note. We all know retirement is knocking on his door, but he should hold off answering, at least for another season.

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. Kershaw still has a lot baseball in him, I don’t think he anytime soon, I would love for him to be the Dodgers closer it’s not a knock on him but can you imagine him coming out the bullpen it would be louder than when Eric Gagne came out.HOF ‘er Dennis Ekersley did so and great so I Kershaw would dominate the later innings and could even win another Cy Young.

  2. I hate to say it, but he’s done, maybe not mentally, but physically for sure. Even if he’s able to be physically ready for 2024, his shoulder/arm will eventually give out again. It will only get worse. I’d love to see him out there again, but let’s not fool each other.

  3. It’s a shame his last game was such a disaster (as it was for the entire team) because it would have been great for him to get the win and then he’d have every reason to retire on top. But now, as the competitor he is, I don’t think he really wants to retire. But I fear he’s done all he can and his continued physical problems in a long season will only contribute to further decline in his abilities even if he’s used sparingly. To address those who say he could be used in a bullpen and/or closer role are kidding themselves – he past times he was used in that capacity were also disasters. I, nor the fans, really want to see any of these scenarios happen again, so, sadly, I think it’s time for him to retire and take on a coaching/advisory position with the Dodgers. That said, the front office really needs to get aggressive with acquiring one, or even two, top starting HEALTHY pitchers in the off season. They have the money with their great attendance, high ticket prices, and $20 hot dogs and beer. And there’s no telling how Buehler and May will be after their serious surgically repaired arms do in 2024. And I’m not talking Othani here – he is likely through as a pitcher after his injury this year so becomes just a very expensive DH.

  4. I want Kershaw to come back to two reasons: a Farewell Tour for Dodger fans as well as fans around the league, and to get that 3,000th K. He deserves both…

  5. I don’t even know for what, but I suspect Kershaw needs to go under the knife if he really wants to continue his career on his terms. I don’t know if it’s shoulder, elbow, both, or what. I can fully understand him not wanting to go there, many of us mere mortals are severely apprehensive about getting surgery, though most high dollar professional athletes seem to regard it as just the cost of doing business. But he’s still a guy, who when not injured does pretty damn well, if not what he was like at his peak. So he’s thinking he does still have it, plus he’s got pride and he’s got fears, like all of us, at least those of us who will admit to it.

    He’s not that old, he’s in excellent shape from what I can see and what’s reported. He should have more years, fully, highly productive years, not ok years left.

    On the other hand, I can’t imagine him needing the money, so he doesn’t need to get carved up for possibly financial security. He’s not chasing the brass ring, he’s got it already.

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