Dodgers Rumors: Jose Fernandez Is Still on The Table, per ESPN

When Zack Greinke took his talents to Arizona, the immediate reaction by fans was to figure out how the Dodgers would fill that hole.

You know who would help fill that hole?

That Jose Fernandez guy who seems like outright hate playing for the Miami Marlins, that’s who.

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ESPN’s Jayson Stark dropped this bomb late Sunday night:

The Miami Marlins have consistently denied reports that they would consider trading their ace, Jose Fernandez. But as the winter meetings got underway Sunday, they were talking to the Los Angeles Dodgers — and at least two other teams — about potential blockbuster deals involving Fernandez, sources say.

Okay. We knew this already. Here’s the nuclear bomb that’ll be repeated a zillion times tomorrow and in the coming weeks.

“I don’t know if they’ll wind up trading him,” said an executive of one club that spoke with the Marlins. “But if they do, I’m betting that’s where he goes — to the Dodgers.”

Now, it’s important to point out that earlier in the article, it was stated pretty clearly a deal would be tough because of Fernandez’s crazy-high value. While he is coming off Tommy John surgery, Fernandez is still arguably one of the game’s absolute top starting pitchers.

This is definitely worth keeping an eye on both because of the impact he would make on the team and also because of the names that would potentially be going to Miami.

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  1. Pedersen to Miami and someone from the farm,straight up for Fernandez. Am I dreaming?

  2. Peterson and someone straight up for Fernandez! !!!!. That’s hilarious.  Joc has little value right now . Cereal fielder’s who hit 210 are a dime a dozen.

  3. Really,what do you think they just did with Chapman,Fernandez is disgruntled,these situations have happened many times,check your baseball history lol.

  4. Oops forget the whole thing,Chapman involved in possible domestic situation,possible shots fired..Was I dreamin.

  5. Blue bycycle that has been the  Dodgers problem. Settle on a position instead of moving young players around like they’re  checkers. Look what happened  when they settled in on Dee Gordon at second and left him alone. Do that for Keke too.

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