Dodgers Rumors: Kapler Expected To Remain With Organization

At the beginning of the Dodgers’ search for a manager, Gabe Kapler was seen as the odds-on favorite to win the job. We know the story, though, in how Dave Roberts swept in and answered every question perfectly so now here we are.

Andrew Friedman, when asked about those rumors, would not directly answer the question, but didn’t necessarily say that wasn’t the case.

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We got this minor update yesterday on Kapler’s place either in the dugout as a coach or within the organization:


So, it sounds like, despite filling the job most pegged for Kapler (bench coach), the Dodgers will at least want Kapler around in his previous propensity — heading up the farm system. Given how much young talent the Dodgers have in that minor league system, Kapler’s job cannot be overlooked. Roberts’ staff is coming together nicely, with or without Kapler a dugout and clubhouse presence. NEXT: Full Update on Zack Greinke’s Situation

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  1. We have the talent now lets get the Pitcher done. We need two more starting pitchers. Strong bull pen has to be. We have a couple guys in the bull pen can do the Job. out field looks good. Puig Crawford Either and Peterson. Infield looks good also Gonzo on first. Second Kendrix and short stop the New Kid I forgot his name. And thrid the red headed kid LOL I for got . So lets see how we do for the first year coach Dave Roberts. Go Dodger lets get it done this year.

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