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Dodgers Rumors: LA Continues To Get Beaten Out By Yankees In Aaron Judge Sweepstakes

While the Giants and Dodgers continue to battle it out for a chance of signing Aaron Judge, the Yankees still remain ahead of the two teams to retain Judge. This of course comes as no surprise with Judge being open to staying home.

If the Yankees can offer Judge the right price, there’s little indication of why he’d end up leaving despite knowing the value he will command until he is signed. While the Yankees remain all in to bring Judge back, the Dodgers have other priorities to fill as well (via Jon Heyman, New York Post).

“Some believe they wouldn’t mind filling that need in-house with Gavin Lux, but while they will look at Judge, even in their most flush times they specialize in value. Mookie Betts at about $290 million (the value of his $365 million deal with deferrals) and Freddie Freeman at $150 million (the value of his $162 million deal) are among the best recent management contracts. Judge certainly doesn’t look as if he’ll become a value play off an historic season, at least upon signing.”

It remains to be seen if Trea Turner will be coming back to the team which creates another need for the Dodgers. While the team looks at Judge, they also look at help with other top shortstops and possible pitchers in the market.

There is a lot to consider as the team cleared over $100 million in the books. Are the Dodgers willing to pay a max amount of money for Judge or will they look to a more even distribute of money to fill all positions of need evenly?

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  1. To get what they need create a new sandbox. Make 5-6 year offer to TT and Rodon with a light (25) mill first year and go above cbt with make up money the next two years. Making it possible to still reset the cbt every third year. Incorporate policy to all FA and extension contracts going forward to accommodate this strategy.

  2. Judge WILL NOT sign with the Dodgers. He grew up as a Giants fan and he WILL NOT play for the enemy…the hated Dodgers!!!

  3. Get real! The only loyalty these guys have is to obscene money they can command – add that to gambling and there you have the state of our “ national pastime” – sad!

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