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Dodgers Rumors: LA Favored to Land Mike Trout if Angels Trade Him, According to Latest Odds

This year’s MLB free agent market is star-studded, with many big-name players ready to potentially find new teams.

Shohei Ohtani, Blake Snell and Cody Bellinger are all in the final years of their deals with their current clubs and are ready to be on the move.

What could be just as stacked as the free agent market, though, is the trade block.

A couple of weeks ago, the Angels announced that they would be open to trades for 11-time All-Star Mike Trout. The team’s franchise player is signed to a 12-year deal through the 2030 season and is one of the greatest players of all time.

Of course with rumors of a big-name player potentially being on the move, people like to throw out the idea of placing money on where those players could go.

The odds for Trout’s next team have been revealed on As they have with big-name players recently, the Dodgers have opened up as the favorite to acquire Trout.

According to the online sportsbook, the Dodgers are +300 to acquire the three-time American League MVP. The team’s NL West rivals, the Giants, come in with the second-best odds at +400. Other big market teams such as the Yankees, Mets, Phillies and Padres round out the top of the list of teams with the best odds to have Trout next.

Even though there are wagers that could be placed on Trout’s next team, it does not guarantee that he will be moved. The Angels are only going to move him for the right deal, and if he wants to be moved at all.

The MLB offseason can be unpredictable, though, and who knows? Maybe Dodgers fans will be able to see Trout in Dodger blue to start next season — and maybe he’ll be playing alongside a longtime teammate who’s hitting free agency this winter.

Photo Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. No way…..if he is traded it will be to the Yankees. The Angels owner won’t deal with the Dodgers, that has been proven.

  2. if anything he will go the dodgers beccuse no other team has any money or anybody to trade.

  3. His recent track record of getting injured concerns me along with his contract, money & years. I’m not for acquiring Trout and after what’s happened to Ohtani, I’m not in on him anymore either. I would sign either Snell or Nola in that order. Then try to acquire Arenado from the Cardinals to play third or get a good, big power bat for one of the corner outfield spots. I think it’s also in the team’s best interest to keep Jason Heyward for next year to continue to work with the young players such as James Outman & Michael Busch. Same goes for keeping Kershaw as a player or coach or consultant to work with the pitchers along side the pitching coaches.

  4. People who think Trout is going to Dodgers just don’t understand what has made this team the dynasty that they’ve been, Trout is already declining and has like 300M left on his contract, Dodgers not dumb like when Angels messed up their team for 10 years with a 0 WAR Pujols for 30M a year

  5. As a Dodger fan from 1959 in The Bahamas I have seen many pitchers come and go many of whom were home grown. Why is all this hype about Shoei Otani? Didn’t LA sign a young potential Japanese ace recently; are’nt they also also interested in another Japanese ace who is tried and proven? I get really concerned when speculators follow “the noise of the market and ate the end of the day, are reluctant to pay the price of the fish!” Let Otahni be done there are many more fish on their roster and just waiting in the wings before considering an 8-year veteran who may never pitch again, certainly before 2025! Play ball LA and stop the silly speculation!”

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