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Dodgers Rumors: LA Linked to Veteran Slugger

It’s been a slow off-season for the Dodgers thus far. They’ve lost one of their starting arms, Tyler Anderson, to Anaheim and one of their best bullpen arms Chris Martin, to the Boston Red Sox. L.A. has only had one significant signing in the off-season, as they signed former Giant Shelby Miller to a one-year contract.

The Dodgers are bound to make a move or signing, and New York Mets beat writer Pat Ragazzo says they are interested in Red Sox DH specialist.

J.D. Martinez is a five-time All-Star, four of whom have come in his five years in Boston. The 35-year-old is coming off an All-Star 2022 season in which he slashed .274/.341/.448 with a .789 OPS while hitting 16 home runs and 62 RBIs.

In 2022, J.D. spent all his time in the DH spot. He played in 139 games and was the DH in all of those. Compared to 2021, he was in the outfield for 36 games and the DH for 113 games.

The primary DH options for the Dodgers were Justin Turner, Will Smith, and Max Muncy. Smith is the full-time catcher; he was only in the DH spot when Austin Barnes was behind the plate. Even though Turner hasn’t signed, he is expected to remain in Dodger blue. As for Muncy, he will most likely be the guy at second base barring an Aaron Judge signing that could move Mookie Betts to second base.

J.D. is 35, but he has a ton of postseason experience and could still rake it with the best of them. He’s very limited in the outfield now, so he would be the Dodgers’ primary DH person.

What do you think, Dodger fans? Should the Dodgers make a move at Martinez?

Ricardo Sandoval

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  1. Too old and Fraudulent Fraudman has allowed the team to get worse while our rivals get better! Is that what he supposed to do?!?!

  2. JD and JT had almost identical seasons last year and there is certainly no need for both of them. Bring back the guy we’ve had and who has meant so much to the team.

    1. Both of them and CT3 also have the identical swing and miss launch angle approach to hitting. It is the Van Scoyoc philosophy of hitting which does not play anymore. With the new rules in baseball, the Kevin Long of hitting would give better results. So yes the Dodgers don’t need anymore of this type of players… he’s strictly a DH against lefties.

  3. I don’t think there’s a need for J.D. Martinez. The Dodgers have more pressing needs the ought to be concentrating on.

  4. He’s a great hitter, would be a good addition to our lineup. J.D. also hits for power, he would fit in with the team perfectly! We need some experience to help our rookies coming up, together we can put together a formidable lineup. Sign Verlander and our rotation can measure up with the best!

  5. Agree with the others. JT. On the other hand, enough already with 33+ players. Go with the youth! There’s enough talent in the lineup to provide cover and allow the up-and-comers to develop into full blown major leaguers. And enough with the “baseball insider” crap. They’re wrong about 80% of the time or more. That qualifies them for the bench.

  6. We need Verlander on a short two-year contract with the yearly salary he wants. Even give a third-year option if need be. Everyone is talking shortstop but I think LA needs a solid third baseman. Boston has that guy at third that hasn’t signed an extension. I’m brain locked on recalling his name but Andrew should talk to Boston about him. In a pinch Lux can handle short until Amaya is ready. Who knows, Lux may shine there and keep the spot. One more thing, I don’t like the idea of having Phillips as closer. We need him to be our fireman since Blake is out for the season. If only Grateral can start missing bats at a higher level then he could be an All-Star closer!

  7. I say go with one of the two minor leaguers who play third base, then Betts at second, Lux at short, and Smith catching, Freeman at first, and then Andy Pages or James Outman at a corner outfield position. Muncy can dh. Then pick up Tyler Glasnow. If the Dodgers pick up Verlander. the starting rotation would be amazing: Verlander, Urias, Glasnow, Buehler, May, Grove/Jackson/Pepiot/May.

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