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Dodgers Offseason: Insider Sees a Fit with Cody Bellinger and Houston Astros

Even after a World Series win, there are still ways to improve your team. That’s what the Houston Astros are looking to do this offseason. At the same time, Cody Bellinger is looking for a fresh start after a rapid decline from his NL MVP season. It turns out, there may be some connective tissue for Belli and the Astros this offseason.

There is plenty to like about Bellinger who’s a young centerfield with great defense and if able to work on his hitting ability can be one of the cheapest risks of free agency. Bellinger is looking for a short term deal to reset the market and bet on himself and with the right team he can be back as a hot commodity.

With the improvements the Astros have made already, MLB insiders believe Bellinger heading to the Astros is a no brainer on a short term deal. A one year $17 million club option with a $3 million buyout (via The Athletic).

Bellinger just needs to find the right team that is willing to be patient as it seems the patience of the Dodgers had finally worn off. Dodgers fans will be rooting for Bellinger to make the most of his opportunities and perhaps he finds himself back in a Dodgers uniform in the future.

For now, a fresh start was the best option for both sides as the team looks to a cheaper option in free agency and Bellinger looks to cash in after a strong year of play.

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