Dodgers Rumors: Latest Update on Manager Search

We’ve had evaluations and examinations of basically everything on this Monday morning/afternoon, so why not also update the Los Angeles Dodgers’ search for a new manager?

Basically, ever since Darrin Erstad pulled his name from contention, nothing is really that new.

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That said, ESPN’s Mark Saxon did drop an interested tidbit about how soon the Dodgers might have a new manager.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the team has its new manager by the end of next week.

The consensus around baseball seems to be Kapler will eventually win the job, but there’s no telling what will happen if the ownership group exerts its influence. It’s also possible Black and Roberts could join the team as coaches since there are no other managerial openings in baseball.

By the end of the week, y’all!

Also, the brief note about those not hired of the three in contention potentially being kept on as other coaches in the dugout, drew my interest. Roberts and Black both have experience as either bench or pitching coaches, and if they impress the front office enough, could be valuable additions to the franchise is similar roles.

Kapler is also interesting given his depth of knowledge about the Dodgers’ farm system. Of the three, while he is still the frontrunner to be hired as manager, he’s also easily the most likely to maintain a working relationship with the organization beyond the interview process.

Still, though, if Saxon is correct in his prognostication of a decision coming by the end of the week, we might finally be nearing the part of the offseason where rumors become actual news, which in and of itself is extremely exciting.

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