Dodgers Rumors: Manager Decision To Come After Weekend

As much as we’d like to see the Los Angeles Dodgers hurry up and make a decision, they really have no need to. They realize this, and will reportedly hold off on choosing their next manager until after this weekend.

The Winter Meetings are not until after Thanksgiving, so next week will likely be filled with speculation, “sources” and reporters hearing things from people close to those within the situation.

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Everyone cheer with me! Hello?

Anyway, here is Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal on the Dodgers holding off:

No one could possibly accuse the organization of making a hasty decision in this regard. That being said, I can’t see the Dodgers waiting until after Thanksgiving to hire a manager, so look for a decision to come in the first half off next week.

As most should know by now, the decision has come down to Gabe Kapler and Dave Roberts. Part of the delay here might be the Dodgers’ attempt to persuade either Roberts of Kapler to stay on as bench coach if they are not hired as the team’s manager.

I would imagine once the Dodgers do announce their next manager, the offseason will start to move slightly more quickly as they can shift more attention to other aspects of putting the team together.

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