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Dodgers: Corey Seager Talks About the Francisco Lindor to LA Rumors

It’s fair to say that Dodgers fans have been spoiled with talent for the last couple of years. The number of All-Star caliber players that have come up through the farm system carved a path to a 2020 World Series title after a long wait. One of those talented guys was Corey Seager.

Seager’s journey to the Dodgers 2020 World Series MVP has not come without its share of struggles though. His back went out during the 2017 playoffs, he had to have Tommy John Surgery and hip surgery in 2018, and his hamstring imploded in 2019. Then in 2020, he faced a worldwide pandemic that brought along challenges of its own in the baseball world.

But that wasn’t the only challenge the All-Star shortstop faced. Last winter, the Dodgers were reportedly heavily involved in the Francisco Lindor sweepstakes. When Seager found out about it, it was a wake-up call that opened his eyes to the business side of baseball that we often forget about. Seager spoke with The Atheltic about the rumors that still continue to circulate even today.

You understand that it’s still a business. But until it happens to you, you don’t really get it. That was my first time of going: ‘You know what? It really is a business.’ This is a decision that they have the right to do and can do if they want to — and still can if they want to.

The Dodgers are facing the possibility of losing Seager after the 2021 season. While many would like to see him extended, it would be up to Los Angeles to see where they would like to place their dollars long-term. For Seager, it’s all about showing up and doing your job every single day, the rest will take care of itself. 

I basically just didn’t think about it. Didn’t let it affect me. I went about my business of trying to get my body right to come play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. And if it changed it, it changed. You can’t sit there and dwell and wonder if I’m going to be here or there. You’ve got to prepare to be able to show up at Camelback Ranch.

The Dodgers being involved in the Nolan Arenado rumors and still involved in the Lindor rumors doesn’t make the situation any better. And if they were to miraculously make a move for one of those guys, it doesn’t necessarily mean that LA won’t extend Seager. Unfortunately, it does make it that much more difficult to pull off. 

But regardless of the team’s plans, Corey sounds ready to build off of an impressive 2020 campaign. 

Dodgers Rumors: MLB Insider Sees ‘Monumental Impediments’ in a Nolan Arenado Trade



  1. How many $30M players can the Dodgers afford. Lots of home grown talent for the team to sign in the next three to five years. Assuming we get control of covid and get fans back in the seats what is a reasonable payroll for the Dodgers? Love to hear from someone who knows.

  2. How many of these trade and signing rumors are based on fact and how many are based solely on reporters’ needs to develop story lines to write? The Dodgers have not done anything really stupid since the McCourt years so why now after winning it all would they do so? Signing a free agent like Bauer for a year or two is totally different than giving up several hot prospects for a one year rental or a massive new long term salary to possibly cost the loss of a couple of home bred fan favorite players doing well. Regarding Bauer, he could be the hedge for a Price being not only past his prime but being subpar or perhaps opting out again if the Covid still hangs tough. So far the youngsters they have unloaded in recent years with the possible exception of Verdugo have not done exceptionally well. The difference between a good hitter like Verdugo and Betts can be summed up in three words: World Series Champs. If they don’t re-sign Woods, Peterson, Hernandez they could be close to a one year with Bauer-if he is as interested in a 1 to 2 year contract as those erudite writers always on the prowl for an exhilarating story line would have us believe. Are not prospects ready to otherwise step up and replace Peterson and Hernandez? Would not Bauer be a serious upgrade from Woods?

    1. If the dodgers lost 100 million the 29 teams lost 2 to 21/2 billion. That is going to change the amount available for most teams to spend on free agents. Writers of the sports articles don’t seem to get it. Yes player x is worth 300 million, the market will decide what they can afford to pay. The large amount of excellent talent available if greater than a free spending Mets owner can find spots for. ‘there will be plenty of free agents available for bargain hunting teams.

  3. One question no one has posed. If Pederson moves on (and I think he should) what happens to the left field platoon of AJ and Joc? I think we should think of a left handed bat who is someone that could take over when AJ’s contract is up. I wish it could be Verdugo..

    1. The left field platoon was all about Joc’s severe splits and getting him some ABs. AJ actually has marginal splits and should play every day.

  4. I was in favor of getting Lindor last off season, before we got Mookie. We needed right handed bats, and Lindor is a switch hitter, although his splits clearly show he is far more competent as a lefty. We also needed speed, a real leadoff guy for a change. But Mookie gave us all of that, and a whole lot more. Lindor is a great player offensively and defensively, but we don’t need him, especially as a high priced short term rental. If we had got him last year, at least it would have been a two year rental, and we could have unloaded Lux.

    Re-sign JT, and just accept less than gold glove defense for outstanding contact hitting and postseason performance. Re-sign Seager now, before the Boras bidding war circus gets fully underway. Give Lux one more shot at 2B to show something, or trade him for a releiver. I don’t really care. Taylor can handle 2B just fine. We locked up Mookie long term. He cost a lot of money. He’s worth every penny and more. That was one of the best FO moves I’ve ever seen. If we want at a shot at Seager, and others already on the team, we don’t need any more mega contracts from outside. Friedman can settle into the mode of filling real needs with affordable guys like Treinen, bringing in and developing young talent like May, Gonsolin, and Smith, and finding diamonds in the rough like Muncy.

    1. Bryant would be a great pickup. He has a year left, he´s coming off a career worst season, but when he´s healthy, he slashes .289/34/92 over 162 games. He would give us above average defense and elite offense. I said this for years, Turner´s only value is in the postseason. Turner is still a great contact hitter, but he´s 36, his power is gone(see every year except 2017 and 2019), his defense is below average at best, and he has only played more than 130 games once in his career, due to some health issue every year. Bryant could resign for about 20M a year, which is cheap compared to his other 3B counterparts, and we would get a right handed power bat like Freidman wants, and he would compliment Betts, Bellinger, Smith, Seager, and Muncy very well. I agree, Lux is an overrated punk, and a swap for Hader is the ideal scenario.

      1. Bryant is well below Turner defensively and since 2017 has missed as much time. The Cubs put Bryant in the OF at times to hide his defensive liabilities. He had a terrific 2016 but has been inconsistent since and, at twice the cost of Turner, is a risky investment. Friedman doesn’t do risky.
        Turner has been and still is a well above average hitter whose power historically comes in second half of the season; 2020 didn’t have a second half. People talk about Turner at 36 like he’s 43 but Fangraphs projects him to have an above average season again 2021 and he demonstrated in the recent playoffs that he can still pick it at 3B. Turner and Rios should play 3B until we see if Hoese can play. Early indications are that he can.

  5. Keeping him is a must after the postseason he had. I don’t care if he never has one like that again plus he’s one of ours

    1. Robin, when all is said and done the decisions by Seager, Bellinger, Urias and Buehler as to who the re-sign with and play fore are THEIRS and theirs alone, not Boras’s. But you’re correct about Boras because he’s made a living with hard-line negotiating tactics.

  6. Right now we have some tough choices because of the economics of 2020. But, with Friedman in the house, we have a great negotiator. I think we should try to do some backloading with Justin a bit to give us some NOW money. Try to sign both Corey and Clayton now to extensions. With Corey, you can go above the arbitration figure right now. With Clayton, you drop a few mil off the front, give him another 3 year contract, including ’21. Same as what was done before with his contract. After ’21 we buy out Kelly. Kenley will be gone. We will not resign him and that’s 20 mil. Next year it will be Price and Pollack. So the next couple years will have money coming off. Friedman will sail us right on through.

  7. This stuff is all speculation with no basis for truth! Forget Linder! The Dodgers will resign JT, extend Seager and Kersh! And of the Dodger free agents, sign Kiki and Trienan! I would trade for Snell, he would solidify the starters and guarantee WS championships for years to come and sign Brad Hand!

    1. Although I like Lindor (and Arenado for that matter), we need to re-sign JT (short-term) and extend Seager and Kershaw ” If it aint broke, don’t try to fix it.” I also want to see Hernandez come back. Overall, he has proven his versatility.

      I would love to see Snell play for us instead of against us (that was painful), but at what cost?

  8. As a 7 year old Brooklyn Dodger fan I watched my favorite player every time he stepped the box or made and exciting g play in the field o swipe another base I support all that Lance Royce wrote, I am particularly happy about his strong feelings for Kike. Go Blue.

  9. I had to laugh when Cory claimed he didn’t realize baseball was a business until the Lindor trade talks surfaced. He was so naive he hired Scott “the pirana” Boras as his agent. Nice try Cory.

  10. resign kieka, plays all places great muncy to 3rd .extend seagar, buelyer & uries.grateral,& . bellie to 1st base , 2nd keka, & chris, seagar @ ss. try for vergdo or center beaty in lf.
    keep barnes,great defence & will, trade phoney lux, for a great 3rd baseman do need muncy ? not the best glove or arm. good trade materile.

    foregive the spelling as I HAVE PARKINSON.

  11. It is obvious at this point that re-signing Turner would cost less all around basically because Arenado would cost more $$$ AND top prospects. And not on our watch for a 1 year rental.

  12. This is a dumb article and I’d suggest the writer Brook actually talk to Freidman because the Dodgers have made it very clear they want Seager long term and would pair Lindor with Seager. With Seager going to third and Lindor to second. There is zero chance the Dodgers will ship out Seager. When healthy he is the best player the Dodgers have after Betts.

    1. ?? Two of the best shortstops in the game and Have neither playing the position?? C’mon man, how you gonna call the article dumb and follow that up with a dumb comment/mistake of your own?

    2. Amen Ziggy! If Seager was with another club right now &
      the Dodgers had Lindor or Story at short, all the talk would be about how Seager is the best! How the Dodgers need to acquire him! Well, he is the best & we have him! Extend him now, re-sign J.T. & get 1 or 2 relievers (Hand, Hendriks, Hader), & I would look at another #3 or #4 starting pitcher (never can have enough pitching), and a left fielder. I’m skeptical that Pollack can go injury free for a whole season.

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