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Dodgers Rumors: Nolan Arenado’s ‘Preference is to Stay’ with Cardinals

Nolan Arenado isn’t excited about the possibility of being traded from the St. Louis Cardinals, but rumors are linking the eight-time All-Star to the Dodgers at the deadline.

More often than not, no major leaguer wants to be traded. Arenado waived an opt out in his contract to stay in St. Louis shortly after being traded from the Colorado Rockies in the 2020-2021 offseason. Uprooting his family during the season is difficult for any major leaguer. In baseball, players often don’t have a say in whether they will be traded or not.

With Arenado, he has some protections in place with a no trade clause in his contract. And, according to Cardinals insider Derrick Goold, Arenado isn’t sure if he’d waive it at the deadline. More specifically, he prefers to stay with the Cardinals.

“There’s a reason why I opted in. And if I didn’t feel that way I definitely wouldn’t have done that. It’s a business. I don’t know how it goes. I do love St. Louis. My family loves it. So, we just want to turn it around.”


The Cardinals are in fourth place in the weak National League Central Division and seemingly out of the postseason picture while 10 games out of a Wild Card spot. They are sellers. While Arenado has a no-trade option, he is a Southern California native. He probably would waive his no-trade option to go to the Dodgers.

While Arenado isn’t having his best season as a major leaguer, he is a huge upgrade over Max Muncy who has graded out as a poor defensive third baseman in 2023. Arenado has a .287 batting average with 22 home runs and 77 RBI this year. He also comes with 10 National League Gold Gloves and six Platinum Gloves on his mantle. Muncy has a .197 batting average with 25 home runs and 67 RBI and has 15 errors in 80 games at third base.

Even with a down defensive year, Arenado is a better defensive third baseman than Muncy, and Arenado’s defense would boost the poor Dodger pitching staff.

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  1. All of the moves so far have been improvements but getting Arenado would be a major improvement. Shocked that Roberts wants to move Rosario to second base ! Sometimes he is his own worst enemy !

  2. Friedman needs to get this deal done with St. Louis minus trading away Bobby Miller.
    Dodgers get, Arenado; Flaherty; Hicks & one of either Edman or Carlson.
    St. Louis gets, Gonsolin; Stone; Bruns; Bruil & either Taylor or Muncy.
    Then Dodgers should trade Muncy or Taylor & a couple of mid to lower prospects to Miami or Seattle for one of their young pitching prospects!
    New batting order;
    1. Betts R.F. or 2B
    2. Freeman 1B
    3. Arenado 3B
    4. Martinez DH
    5. Smith C
    6. Edman 2B or Carlson RF
    7. Outman CF
    8. Rosario SS
    9. Peralta LF

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