Dodgers Rumors: Oakland A’s Could Target Yasiel Puig?

[new_royalslider id=”13″] The Los Angeles Dodgers managed to play a second consecutive season with four outfielders — five if you include Scott Van Slyke — vying for the three starting spots.

It took manager Don Mattingly some time and requiring players to switch positions before he eventually settled on the team’s best option. Yasiel Puig in center field, Carl Crawford in left and Matt Kemp in right.

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Many expect the Dodgers to once again look into moving an outfielder, with Andre Ethier the presumed candidate most likely to be shopped. However, Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News has a different train of thought that includes Puig and infamous Oakland Athletics manager Billy Beane:

Emerging as a dark horse candidate wouldn’t be anything new for Beane or the Athletics, as they were the team who landed Jon Lester at the trade deadline. The move backfired on the A’s as they dealt arguably their most productive bat in Yoenis Céspedes and they faded in the American League West standings.

The A’s clinched the second Wild Card spot, but lost the one-game playoff to the Kansas City Royals, who have reached the AL Championship Series. While Mattingly indicated in early September a resolution for the outfield picture would need to be reached in the off-season, it’s difficult to envision Puig being included in any trade.

That being said, Puig’s growing pains have at times caused headaches and they appeared to lead to Kemp yelling at Puig in the dugout during a game at Coors Field. Moreover, the A’s could offer the Dodgers a much-needed commodity in the form of bullpen help.

Though a Dodgers’ outfield without Puig in it is difficult to fathom, the team does have the highly-regarded Joc Pederson, whom Mattingly referred to as the best center fielder in the organization, waiting in the wings.

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  1. Dodgers’ fans would go ape shit if Puig were traded. Of course winning a World Series would help us get over it. We’d have to win the year of a Puig trade, or fans would be irate.

  2. Oh yeah, trade Puig for bullpen help. I want some of whatever you’re smoking. It must be stronger than weed.

  3. for who? you have got to be out of your mind…..Puig is going no where…next year will be only his second full season……

  4. And Joc Pederson is the world’s greatest center fielder?!!!!! Yeah sure he proved that in September didn’t he?!!!! Maybe 5 years from now.

    Meanwhile here we sit watching another team play on in the post season. I don’t recommend trading Puig, but let’s get real here. We need REAL pitchers not just has-beens like Perez, Marmol, Hernandez, Correia, etc. that Coletti keeps bringing us. We need a NEW GM first of all and that needs to be a PRIORITY!!!!!

  5. If Pedersen is that good, do it! Better get Gregerson, Doolittle, and Josh Donaldson. We could include Uribe…….and that would be a trade to consider!

  6. What a lame article ! Puig brings in money ! Everyone wants to see puig . He ain’t going anywhere . The A’s were the retards that traded their best player . Let them suffer . But leave puig alone .

  7. billy beane, oakland’s GM, wouldn’t make that trade either. kawakami made the comment “tongue in cheek.”

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