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Dodgers Rumors: Plans For Homer Bailey Made Public

The Los Angeles Dodgers traded Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Alex Wood, and Kyle Farmer to the Cincinnati Reds. Furthermore, one of the players in return was starting pitcher Homer Bailey.

One might think the Dodgers have plans for Bailey. However, according to two tied in sources surrounding the team; this is not the case.

Bailey was a porous 1-14 with a 6.09 ERA, and 1.64 WHIP in 20 starts last season. He recorded 75 strikeouts and allowed 33 free passes in 106.1 innings. Nevertheless, he’s had a somewhat storied big league career that includes two no-hitters. Following arm surgery, Bailey has struggled to regain the form he once had.

Now entering his age-33 season, Bailey looks to be an expendable piece for the Dodgers. So much that – it appears they will pay his salary for him to never pitch in a Dodgers uniform.

It’s difficult to place a role for Bailey on the current version of the Dodgers. Because of this, it sounds like a likely scenario he will be given his outright release. Once this happens, he will be free to continue his career elsewhere in the big leagues.

The Dodgers have a reason for making the trade they did on Friday. That reason can be debated – but that reason doesn’t appear to be to make use of this once solid big league starting pitcher.

The Last Days of Yasiel Puig

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  1. Yasiel Puig. I will miss your hustle, recklessness, flying around the bases, the diving catches and the cannon-like arm. I predict the superstar status that eluded him will return in Cincinnati.

    Bryce might be great. He doesn’t hustle. Manny Machado hustles more.

    For my money, AJ Pollack, JT Realmuto and Corey Kluber.

    1. Manny hustles more than Bryce? Did you get your names mixed up maybe and you meant it the other way around?

    2. Manny machado does not know what the word hustle means. He just thinks it’s still a dirty magazine. He sucked in the world series and the 2 months he was on our Dodgers and just like he did in Baltimore. I was pissed when our Dodgers got him but that’s all loser Freidman knows. Look he sign loser Roberts to 4 more years of the worse baseball you will see our Dodgers don’t win again.

  2. I’m sorry to see these guys go. At times it seems the team jumps to conclusions and think one or two players will make a big difference. I would have liked to see what the team looked like at least in spring season then try to make a trade. Players are not consistent year in and year out. Almost all players get injured during the year and their performance changes. Who knows what these guys would be like? Other teams are looking at Dodger prospects, why aren’t the Dodgers? I say if the Dodgers want to cut pay go with these so-called prospects. Changes were made in coaching, I wish I could have seen what they would improve on the team. With these new players and coaches, who are going to be given the credit or the blame at the end of the year? For once I would like to see what a younger Part farm team could do. the dodger club will still make the million people mark and still get rich.

  3. I cant believe that my beloved Puig will be gone. To me he was the Dodgers. He was exciting, hard worker, with some brilliant throwing arm. Loved watching him play. Thanks for everything. Go to the Reds aND show mlb that you are the best. Been a fan for 72 years,

  4. Looks to me like a basic dump in salary, but don’t think they will do much more as a result. Kemp, Puig, and Wood are in their final year before FA. But as of now this trade does just ONE thing….it makes the Dodgers more weaker and vulnerable to LHP unless they get some RH hitter to put in the middle of the lineup that actually CAN hit LHP. If anyone believes Dodgers would be great with an all LH hitting OF think again. I have said this several times before that I was not advocating to deal Puig, but only for the right return and to be honest this ‘return’ Dodgers got stinks to high heaven!

    1. I agree with PaulDodgerFan1965. A big salary dump followed by a ridiculous pursuit for Harper. They got Kelly, which is a good move but I doubt they’ll do much more. I’d rather see them go after Realmuto and/or Kluber rather than Harper but who really knows? I can’t wait to reiterate my disgust with extensive use of analytics/platooning. When you platoon players they really never improve IMO. Still a Dodgers fan though.

      1. Well I believe this extensive analytic platooning which turned many a player into marginal ones, was a huge reason for yet another WS loss. Truth be told, Kemp and Puig were not happy at all and were somewhat disgruntled over their reduced playing time and guess, what.. If anyone believes potential FA position players will be anxious to come here to Dodgers …think again.

  5. This opens up the possibility to implement my game plan. Sign Harper and Pollock. Trade for Kluber and Realmuto using Pederson and Muncy and prospects. An outfield of Verdugo Pollock Harper and an infield of Turner Seager Taylor Bellinger Realmuto. An even 4 righties and 4 lefties to please Paul and also drain the swamp of all or nothing hitters

    1. That sums it up. What a fabulous lineup. They need to clear out the Kiki’s and Pederson’s. Man are those guys boring to watch when a good pitcher hits the mound.

  6. All players want to play. Platooning creates unhappy playets. They says “Whatever the team needs” but it’s just talk to make themselves feel good about being a bench warmer.

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