Dodgers Nation Reacts: Viva Puig!

Well, it’s offical. Yasiel Puig will be a Cincinnati Red after a 6 year career with the Dodgers.

Yasiel Puig originally signed with the Dodgers for $42 million over 7 seasons in 2012 as a 21 year old from Cuba. Puig quickly rose through the minor leagues and burst onto the scene in 2013 with one of the most memorable debuts in baseball history. His first game on June 3, 2013 Puig showed Dodger fans a glimpse of the next 6 seasons.

Puig saved the 2013 season by energizing the struggling team and igniting the fan base with a renewed passion for Dodger baseball after a rough stretch with the McCourt ownership. Puig finished the month of June with 44 hits, second to Joe DiMaggio’s 48, for most hits by a player in their debut month. His dynamic skills set and crazy play gave him the nickname The Wild Horse from Vin Scully. The Dodgers, led by Hanley Ramirez and Puig, ended up reaching the postseason for the first time since 2009. Thanks to the new ownership group who was committed to winning and the energy brought by Puig, Dodger baseball was back and thriving in Los Angeles.

The team reached the postseason in every year of Puig’s Dodger career as they won 6 straight National League West Division titles.

The journey with Puig can best be described as a roller coaster. After struggling and getting replaced by Josh Reddick in 2016, Puig helped the Dodgers win their first National League Championship since 1988.


Puig’s home run in the 2018 NLCS game 7 to send the Dodgers back to the World Series.

And Puig continued his hot hitting into the World Series.


As expected, fans were disappointed to hear the news of his trade.



Multiple tribute videos also popped up over social media after the initial reaction of the trade.

Yasiel Puig took to social media to thank the Dodgers and look forward to playing for the Reds.

And the Dodgers thanked Puig for everything he brought to the city and team.

I think I speak for the vast majority of Dodger fans when I say thank you Yasiel. Thank you for making baseball fun again and bringing constant joy to Los Angeles for 6 seasons.  You will be missed and we wish you the best of luck in Cincinnati.

And always remember, no matter what team he is playing for, Puig is still our friend. #PuigYourFriend

Puig Says Goodbye to Los Angeles


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  1. Anytime a Dodger is moved it will hurt some fans but this move allows the Dodgers to sign Harper or a first rate catcher along with getting 2 potential prospects that could help down the road.

    1. Don’t hold your breath for anything like that from Dodgers. But ya might want to hold your breath for the many many times Dodgers will face LHP this coming year because of their now extreme vulnerability to them.

      1. How more so than last year? Puig couldn’t hit LHP, Kemp could but fell off sharply in 2nd half. Alex V will be a better on base guy with potential for 15-20 hr and will play solid d. Pair those with significant payroll relief and I dont see much downside outside of losing fan favorite Puig.

        I personally see multiple smaller moves that better the team and adding to the pen.

      2. This will be great for both Puig and the current Dodger outfielders because the will all get more playing time. Puig will have a great year getting to play everyday and so will Bellinger and some of the others if Roberts let’s them play regular not as a platoon player

  2. Another screw up by the front office…I hope Puig co.es ba k to huant the Dogers for years to come

    1. Fake fan. No wonder the Dodgers never win there’s always dopes like you rooting against them everytime they trade a big name starting in the 90’s. (btw that s all he ever was was a name. .260 20 homers)

  3. What a downer!! I don’t mind seeing Kemp, Wood, and Farmer depart,,,but Puig? What really gets me is that we got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return….two prospects who haven’t done much at single A ball. Geeesh! Did we get ripped off!!! At least they didn’t trade away my favorite Dodger…Joc Pederson….at least not yet. I’ll be holding my breath. Joc’s 4.6 million for 2019 isn’t going to break the bank. I just love his infectious enthusiasm and the support he gives to the other players. DON’T TRADE JOC, DODGER BRASS!!!!!

  4. You know, everyone’s crying on twitter or in the comment sections about losing this favorite player or that favorite player and their enthusiasm or excitement they brought this and that, well maybe these guys should’ve won a freakin World Series when they had the opportunity here. Chance after chance with better teams then some who won it all with less. That being said, Puig will be the guy I miss because he was very like able and he’s a good person despite the fake news that haters, racists, and bigots made up because they didn’t want a Cuban, let alone one that plays for the Dodgers who they already have a made up hatred for, to be so exciting and popular making the game fun. It wasn’t old school it was disrespectful apparently, they try bringing these guys down by beaning them or picking fights, well guess what? The game changed anyway people show excitement now, Ronald Acuna got the racist treatment for it but kept being himself and good for him. Puig is leaving his mark and it’s not an evil or disrespectful thing

  5. I will miss the enthusiasm, energy and talent that Puig brought to Dodgers ball. Although I will miss seeing him in blue, I wish him the best of luck. And I, like many, will remain a fan.

  6. Professional sports has always been cut-throat. I will be at the first Reds game at Dodger Stadium to see Puig blast some homers into left field. Heck, I’ll see him at Spring Training. Hey, the guy just moved four hours away (by plane). We’ll see him again!

  7. I forsee Puig having a huge year but is still would not make this a bad move.

    This trade did open 3 spots on the 40 man even after announcing the signing of Joe Kelly. More moves coming for sure

    1. Jason, I concur about Puig not hitting LHP, huge reverse splits for sure. But for crying out loud Dodgers SHOULD have gotten something in return instead of basically NOTHING that helps the big club. As for Verdugo? I am not so impressed and he probably won’t get much chances against LHP and besides that, having an all LH hitting OF certainly won’t improve this club against LHP. WSS what happens but right now this FO is dulling the Holiday spirit for sure. I will wait for more to take place however, before I decide that this off season was a bust or not.

  8. I am really upset that Matt Kemp got traded. WHY? He was doing so great and he got a few home runs when needed. You should have not traded him. I always looked forward to see him playing and now he is gone. He helped the team get to
    the world series 2 times in a row and now you got rid of him again WHY????

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