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Dodgers Rumors: Shohei Ohtani Already Knows Where He Wants to Sign, Says MLB Insider

We are continuing to get closer and closer to Shohei Ohtani’s decision in free agency, and we have the latest update per Buster Olney of ESPN. Olney recently spoke to TSN1050, and said Ohtani already knows where he wants to sign, and has known for a long time. Olney also added that he thinks the Dodgers are still the favorite.

“Talking to people who know Ohtani, they think he’s already made his decision,” Olney said. “They think he knows where he wants to go and has for a long time.”

Via TSN1050

Olney added that he thinks Ohtani’s agent is doing this for leverage, but Ohtani has just been waiting to sign with the team he’s wanted all along.

Now, if that’s true, it’s hard to picture that being a team that’s not the Dodgers. Obviously, we don’t know what Ohtani wants, but the few things we do know — he wants to win and six years ago he wanted to be on the West Coast — add up to landing with the Dodgers.

Ohtani to the Dodgers has long felt like the worst kept secret in baseball, but it was always hard to be sure considering the fact that Ohtani is a very private person.

However, all signs have pointed to the Dodgers for a long time, and nothing that’s been said or done this offseason have made people think otherwise.

The latest report makes it sound like it’s down to the Dodgers and Toronto Blue Jays, as the Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners all appear to be out of the running.

The Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants seem to still be trying to land Ohtani, but at this point, it’s hard to know who really has a shot.

If Ohtani has wanted to play for the Dodgers all along, it sounds like that announcement could be coming soon. However, until we hear from Ohtani, himself, we’ll continue to anxiously await his decision.

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  1. We still know nothing but someone spoke to the former ball boy for the Angels during the 21 season and he thinks Ohtani blah blah

  2. Free up space on the 40-man roster already. In order to sign Ohtani, Yamamoto, maybe Snell, maybe Montgomery, space is needed on the 40-man roster. Some on the 40-man roster must go in trades for Burnes or Glasnow or Dylan Cease [and Luis Robert]. That is 8 potential players to add to the 40-man roster, so up to 8 must be traded away. And keep in mind Soto as a fee agent after the end of 2024. Go all out with Mookie and Freeman in the last of their peak years.

    1. They will need to get at least 2 of the pitchers mentioned, but getting 3 of these will definitely lead a WS championship, maybe’s 2 or 3????

  3. We’re definately not signing all of those 8 players mentioned. I want Otani obviously. Then sign Yamamoto and trade for Cease. He’s still cheap with 2 years of control. It makes sense if we sign Otani and Yamamoto. Imagine having a rotation of Buehler, Yamamoto, Miller, Cease, and Pepiot to start the season. Hopefully Kersh comes back too and shares the 5th spot with Pep towards the 2nd half of the season. Maybe even sign Giolito on a one year cheap reproved yourself deal to man the 5th spot and use Pepiot as depth. Injuries are bound to happen at some point.

  4. Ohtani might want to play for LA, but will he accept a contract full of incentives, benchmatks and opt outs to play here?

    I can’t see a team offering what he would have recieved 4 months ago. He is a good lh DH only with no sure expectation for how he might pitch. He also brings the worldwide celebrity status

    1. He will end up in SF. There is just too much noise in LA. Hes seen it first hand and it soured him. Its not like Anaheim is on the other side of the planet from LA.

  5. Looks like the Dodgers are trying to buy the World Series again!! They want to buy the whole off season free agent market. A hard salary cap would finally fix all this big market nonsense!! If the Dodgers get Ohtani they’ll still choke in the playoffs AGAIN. If Ohtani wants to play with a team with a winning atmosphere then sign with the Atlanta Braves!!

    1. If this is all true what is he waiting for dodgers needed pitching for about 3 or 4 years now I’m a huge dodger fan of 35 years! They keep winning 100 games almost every year but don’t show it in the playoffs! Then do it in the regular season with pitching they picture took a huge hit last season and they struggled and they struggled again in the playoffs they showed the propensity not to hit or let alone pitch you lose to the Atlanta braves you lose to Arizona and so on it’s ridiculous you let your fans down almost every year for the past 3 years getting to the postseason then show up not show up that’s sickening and fans can understand it! Watch this picture that the Dodge trying to get from the Los Angeles Angel if he wants to go to the dodgers all along I don’t know what’s the holdup is let’s get it over and done with cuz dodgers always going to need the pitching that’s never enough picture to go around and y’all can afford it

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