Dodgers Rumors: Shopping Kazmir and McCarthy to Make Room

Take this as a good or bad sign, but the Dodgers are rumored to be actively shopping pitchers Scott Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy.

Rumors are swirling that the Dodgers and Rich Hill are close to a 3 year deal which would close out their 40 man roster, which currently stands at 39. With the Dodgers pitching rotation set with Clayton Kershaw, Julio Urias and Kenta Maeda, Hill would take up another spot and thus leaving Jose De Leon, Ross Stripling, Alex Wood and Hyun-Jim Ryu to fight for the last spot in the rotation.

As you can see, Olney shares another big reason the Dodgers need to start clearing some roster spots.

Dodgers Likely to Re-Sign Justin Turner

Both Kazmir and McCarthy made brief appearances this past season, but with McCarthy recovering from his Tommy John/Hip surgeries and Kazmir dealing with a back injury, it’s a no-brainer that the Dodgers need to get rid of the $42 million still owed to these two pitchers.



  1. Only 2 ways Dodgers can trade Kazmir and/or McCarthy, either take back a player with a similar contract in cost or package one or both with more desirable player(s)/prospect(s).  Taking back a player with a similar contract could work, for example if Dodgers believe Turner will sign elsewhere, or just unwilling to pay the price to retain him, then a trade of Scott Kazmir ($32MM) to the Yankees for Chase Headly ($26MM) would work although Dodgers would likely have to kick in $6MM to balance the finances.  Similarly the Whitesox have Frazier (projected to get $13MM in arbitration) and might be willing to trade him to the Dodgers for McCarthy ($22MM) and either Segedin or Kike Hernandez; or, McCarthy and Baez to the Whitesox for David Robertson ($24MM).

  2. Socalbum  I agree with your assessments and trade proposals.  The rumors have JT to sign with the Dodgers for 5 years at $85M.  I want JT as much as the next fan, but $17M AAV for a 32 year old 3B who has one year where he played more than 126 games, and only 4 years in his career with 100+ games played, is too much.  His AAV will be the highest 3B contract in MLB (except Pablo Sandoval).  I assume that it is possible that the Dodgers are paying a very high premium because they have absolutely nobody to replace him in their organization.  Thus, 5 years before someone else from their system is ready, might make sense.  That needs to be addressed.

    One year of Frazier for McCarthy and one of Segedin/Hernandez seems doable, as does two years of David Roberson for McCarthy and Baez. I am sure ChiSox fans might have a different take, but on the surface they are both fair.

    But I am still hopeful that McCarthy to Brewers in the Puig/Braun trade gets resurrected this week.  That could still leave your Kazmir to the Yankees for Headley trade possible.

  3. Can’t even imagine who would want Kazmir or McCarthy even with a pile of cash. We signed them and we’ll have to live with them, probably at triple a.the problem is we have a roster of over the hill, injury prone starters and a few prospects that are really 2 years away. Now we sign anot her 36 year old ,injury prone pitcher . What are these guys thinking?

  4. Socalbum
    Hello Socalbum, as fart as Kazmir and McCarthy go, yes we should deal them, in light of the fact that there are the younger arms in DeLeon, Stewart, Stripling and others to round out rotation.  I am for any type of dealing to make this club better, BUT IF ANY TEAMS INSIST on Bellinger as part of the deal, I WILL SAY A BIG FAT NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. AlwaysCompete Socalbum
    Only thing to consider with Frasier is he becomes a FA after 2017.  And as far as Kike  goes, ok to have him as a utility player but NOT as a replacement starter at 3rd.

  6. nodrog60
    If I recall correctly McCarthy is owed about half of the $48 million left on his deal he signed before the 2015 season and Kazmir owed about $32 million, as his was a 3 year deal for about $48 million.  We would have to pay some of that money in order to secure a trade.  But with Hill’s signing and the youngsters that are here, we should somehow find a way to move Kaz and Mac if at all possible.

  7. nodrog60 and who would you have preferred to get as opposed to Hill?  Swing a trade for a SP?  They are a diamond in the rough.  Nobody is trading SP unless it’s a salary dump and/or a one-sided trade.  Tigers would’ve asked for De Leon, Bellinger, and Alvarez + extra for Verlander.  Personally, I like the signing.  I don’t mind the AAV because the Dodgers will have Crawford, Ethier, and Gonzo coming off their books.  Despite his age, Hill showed how good he could be last year.  And he’s crafty and doesn’t rely on power, which should bode well for longevity, even if it for only 2-3 years.  
    The rotation as of now is Kersh, Hill, Maeda, Urias, and most likely Stripling.  De Leon, Stewart, McCarthy, Kazmir, and Ryu for added depth.  Looks good to me.

  8. AlwaysCompete Socalbum I would take JT for 5/85.  He is a leader for this team and a clutch hitter in the playoffs.  There wasn’t another alternative on the market.  Trading for Kinsler/Dozier would have required the team to give up either De Leon or Bellinger, along with Verdugo and probably Alvarez.  Not going to happen, and I am glad as I would much rather hold on to these promising pieces.

  9. You’re right. One more over the hill, injury prone starter probably won’t hurt us the ext year but it’s a 3 year deal. If your list of potential 4 and 5 spots were a realistic option they wouldn’t be gambling on hill. You realize that we only have 2 position players making near the qualifying offer salary. The problem is all these pitchers we keep signing for $40/ $50 mil and then watch them sit on the disabled list.management hasn’t figured that out yet.

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