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Dodgers Rumors: Trevor Bauer May be a ‘Brand Issue’ for Team

The Dodgers take pride in being the heart of Los Angeles sports and Trevor Bauer may not be in the cards moving forward for this exact reason.

While MLB has reinstated Bauer, the press surrounding the former Cy Young award winner may be enough to keep him away from the Dodgers.

It’s something not all fans may see eye-to-eye about, especially for a Dodgers team in need of more pitching depth, but some baseball analysts believe Bauer being released by the team is set in stone with the Dodgers prioritizing their own branding over anything else. Former MLB infielder Trevor Plouffe discussed the Dodgers and the Bauer situation.

“This is a brand issue for them. And they don’t want — in my opinion and from what I’ve heard, they don’t want to be associated with that and answer to that. This is a $5 billion brand that a $22 million salary is not really going to affect it. You want to keep this brand pristine.”

Not one player is worth losing the billions of dollars put in to build a brand, especially one like the Dodgers. While both sides continue to talk about how to move forward the Dodgers may be content on just owing Bauer his money without seeing him in a Dodger uniform.

It’s worth noting, however, that several outlets (including Dodgers Nation) have polled fans regarding the status of the pitcher and altogether, a majority of voters would like to see him back in blue in 2023.

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  1. Bauer paid his debt to society. I thought we lived in a country where once a person served his time society was to help him/her back into a contributing member

    The news media is supposed to champion that cause.

    To me the only important question is can he still pitch? Spring training should be that deciding factor

    If the LA news media comes out strongly against him their position should be consistent with everyone who has served out their sentence-no reprieve, no job. To me a morally substantive one should be consistent with their views, opinions and stances

    Let’s see if the LA Times can live up to consistency

  2. Houston Mitchell’s latest column very clearly addressed fan polls. One, including the one he ran are unscientific. Two, as he pointed out many Dodger fans clearly have no understanding of the legal process and voice erroneous conclusions. Finally, as this piece states, it is the Dodger’s management that will make this decision.

  3. The “brand” has been developed based on a winning tradition. If they start losing, the damage to the brand will be even greater. This isn’t a question of whether they should sign the guy. That ship has sailed. The question is whether they should reinstate him on the team for which he is being paid. It would be one thing if they weren’t paying him, but they are. If they cut him loose and the Padres sign him for a league minimum with the Dodgers paying his salary and he beats his former team, how is that going to impact you and the “brand?” This is professional baseball which is a business. Hold your nose, let him pitch and see if they can gt some return on their investment.

  4. What could be more damaging to a “brand” than a pitiful one win post season exit after an 111 win season? Maybe selling the team back to McCourt ?
    TB went thru the process and was penalized . Time to move on and see if he can contribute to another winning season and a MUCH more productive post season that the Dodgers 2022 embarrassment !
    50+ years of following the Dodgers and I think right now that they could use the intensity TB being on the team is likely to cause.

  5. Here’s the thing, the only people that matter are the folks who buy the tickets, a person who goes to the game with his family and spends hundreds of dollars on tickets, concessions, parking, and souvenirs, wants ownership to put the best team on the field possible, so if the dodgers cut Bauer do they really care that much about winning? Be careful Dodgers paying fans just want to win, and besides, Bauer has served his time, and lost 37 million dollars.

  6. Ahhh, I think some of you might be overreacting just a tad on this one. The Dodgers have no constitutional, moral, state labor law, or fan poll responsibilities to Bauer beyond following the CBA. They are entitled to protect their brand as they see fit.

  7. “Dodger Brand” I like that angle.True Dodger high integrity players like Jackie,Drysdale,Fernando,Koufax.Hershiser and Scioscia to name a few.How can what’s his name make this list.

  8. You want to talk about brand. How about Justin Turner. He won the Roberto Clemente award, is a fan favorite and still has something left in the tank. The Dodgers didn’t consider his brand. You couldn’t ask for a better person in the community. Ryan Menzie shouldn’t talk about brand.

  9. Ridiculous take. He’s a baseball player not a clergyman and the Dodgers are a baseball team not a religious institution. Law enforcement agencies from two cities searched for months to find something to charge him with and take to court, they passed. And now an arbitrator reduced his suspension to zero. Do not bend over for the morally outraged who built their opinions in the court of public opinion the most unfair court on the planet.

  10. Dodger’s brand is wholesome family fun, their team consists of guys who are mostly married with young children, they gravitate to players with super wholesome images like Kershaw, Mookie, Freeman. The super creepy S & M energy of the guy filming in the locker room for his personal channel just isn’t going to work.

  11. What “debt to society” did this guy serve? Did he ever once apologize to his team-mates, or the fans? No. He continues to maintain his “innocence”. He can pitch for any other team that would like this baggage. It doesn’t even have to be in this country.

  12. What is embarrassing is losing in the first round..Let him play.. Dodger brand cmon what about when they kick out all the Hispanics too build Dodger stadium.. nobody cares about the brand been gone along time ago!! 70 year old Dodger fan.

  13. Not as pristine as you think Julio had the same problem we have now. This is a business issue and we’re talking about a lot money here.

  14. Anyone who doesn’t want Bauer on this team is a anti Dodger. You can spew all you want about moral integrity. The only Moral integrity this team needs is some fire and down right nasty pitching which they don’t have at the moment.

    1. Dodgers fan for life ..TB better in Dodger Blue than in Padres or Giants uniform….We got bigger issues than TB …Lux is a bust ….and big ? At 3B CFand SS…it’s always would of , could of ,should of with the Dodgers ..We might make play offs as a wild card at best …We need a shortstop bad …expect a down year ….Dodgers management sucks upstairs afraid to spend money ..Roberts should be bench coach at best …..infield is not solid …no experience with only Freeman ….could be a disaster …

  15. Not. With Julio it was a one-time event, and Julio apologized and expressed remorse. And hopefully learned from it. All of which are not the case with Bauer. With Bauer the behavior he was charged with, by three women, is consistent with many other examples of his bad behavior. Julio is a decent guy who made a mistake. Bauer is an arsehole with an arm.

  16. We’ve all had our reasons why the Dodgers should or shouldn’t take Bauer back. I personally think that he will tarnish the image of the Dodgers & the team itself. I wonder how the players will play for him when he pitches. How will Bauer effect the team chemistry in the clubhouse. You can pretty much count him out for any Roberto Clemente Awards in his career. The money is nothing to the Dodgers, the legacy of the Dodgers is everything.
    There is a saying about one bad apple will spoil the bunch. Those of you who wish that Bauer returned to the Dodgers, be careful what you wish for.

  17. Personally as a long time fan i don’t give a fudge about brand. I only care about winning and the Dodgers have a better chance of winning with TB pitching in Dodger Blue uniform than TB pitching against the Dodgers in a different uniform especially a Padres uniform.

  18. The guy was never charged with any crime
    It was established their personal arrangements were consensual.
    It’s ridiculous that he has been held out.
    Innocent until proven guilty.What has happened in this country.

  19. Winning means championships not 106 and 111 wins during the regular season is not winning championships. The Dodgers are not Tampa Bay.

  20. Well said Afosisa.
    He wasn’t even charged, & she turned up a video of her smiling. Oh, she was so scared.
    Let him pitch!!!!

  21. After dismal playoff last year, Dodgers need to step up there brand approach. Too many postseason meltdowns. No doubt Bauer will not get himself in another mess again. Use his talent.

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