Dodgers Rumors: Yasiel Puig Made Available For Trade

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to improve with Friday’s 1 p.m. PT non-waiver trade deadline looming, they’ve publicly maintained their hope is to do so without losing several prospects, namely Corey Seager and Julio Urias.

As such, it’s led to speculation Yasiel Puig is among those Los Angeles is shopping. Puig recently denied a report he asked for clarification on his status with the organization. The feedback he was said to have was received was that the Dodgers did not have him on the block. However, according to Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports, the Dodgers have made Puig available:

It’s been a rough 2015 season for the Cuban native as a strained hamstring injury forced him to the disabled list for the first time in his career. Puig thus far has managed to play in 53 games and is batting .253/.327/.423 with six home runs and 22 RBIs.

At just 24 years old and under contract through the 2018 season on a team-friendly deal, Puig understandably holds a decent trade value. One potential trade partner could be the New York Mets, who were said to be in the market for a right-handed corner outfielder.

However, for the Dodgers sake, packaging him can be a dangerous proposition as it would likely leave them with a starting outfield consisting of Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Joc Pederson. Additionally, the majority of Los Angeles’ trade targets have been pitchers in the final year of their respective contract.

That perhaps is where the qualifier (“right deal”) in Nightengale’s report comes into play. Cole Hamels, someone the Dodgers are believed to be in pursuit of, has three years remaining on his contract and a vesting option for 2019. Dodgers chairman and controlling owner Mark Walter recently voiced his support of Puig, expressing confidence the young outfielder would develop into a great player.


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  1. Yasiel Puig is worth 3 very good players. It would be a waste of a talent, probably a great talent in a few years, to just get one good pitcher for him. The Dodgers need to look at their various positions to see where else they can improve. I would suggest one very good pitcher, one very good relief pitcher, and one utility man. Don’t waste a talent which may come back to bite you as well as many others. We gave up Pedro Martinez once, and history tells the tale.

    1. A guy hitting .253 with 22 RBI’s is worth 3 players? Keep dreaming. Puig is the most overrated “talent” in the majors who’s a clubhouse cancer to boot.

  2. I’m disgusted if this is true…if they let him go we better win…I don’t think they should give up on him, he’s a true talent

  3. Please, please don’t F us!! Don’t trade Puig for any of those pitchers! If there’s no other way to get pitching I’ll wait until next year for a title or somebody else in the org needs to step up this year!

  4. I would trade Puig in a hot minute, and I have been a Dodgers fan for 40 years. He will never live up to the hype and is terrible in the clubhouse…Get Cole Hamels and win a ring!

  5. Let’s give away his bobble head this week, and give him away next week. I think Puig is one of the most exciting players to watch in the outfield. But watching him lamely swing at pitch after pitch after pitch without even touching the ball… enough. He’s not popular in the dugout. And while I grant that the fans love him, I think they would love a 3rd starting pitcher who can take them to the series.

  6. They should not trade Puig, he’s a generational talent. He is electric. Although he may go 0-4 with 3 k’s one game, he could go 4-5 with 3 triples the next game. He has too many tools to give up on. I like him a lot better than Ethier in right field. He is also young, 24 is a lot better than 33.

  7. Please don’t trade him! Hopefully the fear of being traded will snap him back into gear…

    P.S. It’s his bobblehead night tomorrow and I’m going to the game…

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