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Dodgers Seem Poised For World Series Berth, Says Sports Illustrated

Before reading onward – don’t worry about a Sports Illustrated jinx. Right now, the Dodgers avoid the cover of the magazine typically unwanted. However, they’re getting some heavy praise from a big-time baseball writer.

Moreover, Tom Verducci writes that the Los Angeles Dodgers are poised for yet another World Series run in 2019. While no team is designed perfect – the Dodgers included – Verducci lists a litany of reasons that the Dodgers should be a lock to win the NL Pennant for a third straight year.

Before we get to the money quote or two, let’s take a list of the reasons that Verducci sees the Dodgers getting through the NL field of teams that stand in their way.

Six Reasons The Dodgers Will Make The World Series

Verducci lists six reasons the Dodgers will make the World Series. Here they are, get out your notepad:

  • The Dodgers have one of the deepest benches in baseball history this season.
  • Los Angeles chases fewer pitches as an offense than any team in the league.
  • They have mastered swing changes in the ‘Launch Angle’ era.
  • Left-handed pitching doesn’t phase the Dodgers’ lineup.
  • Clayton Kershaw is a great number three starter.
  • They are an insanely good defensive team.

Without question, these are all reasons to be comforted during a time when all are concerned with the bullpen. My opinion has remained that barring something odd, the Dodgers are a great bet to make the World Series. I don’t think anyone would argue too much on that.

The regular season should be seen as the dress rehearsal. This team had expectations in Spring Training to get back there with a ‘no big deal’ attitude. My mind drifts back to David Freese’s quote among others in this very article. The question is can the blemishes be fixed enough to win a title?

Dave Roberts’ Quotes

The Dodgers’ manager talks within the article of the team’s lineup juggling. Furthermore, he says there is a reason you see guys all over the lineup card; and it’s strategic!

“Everybody in baseball is (changing their lineup) now–or trying to. They’re still trying to fight that fight of moving guys around. We’ve already fought that fight. So now it’s like I’m hitting Corey Seager seventh. Why? I don’t want to give Gabe [Kapler] a run of lefties.”

Roberts’ thought process is to have each hitter in a perfect spot. For example, he talks about hitting Max Muncy behind Cody Bellinger to prepare for what might come.

“You can’t always count on Cody hitting two homers, especially in the postseason,” Roberts said. “They are going to pitch around him. So now when they do pitch around him, am I watching Max Muncy and how he takes his at-bats after they walk Cody? Yeah. And he’s handled it really well.”

For one, I love Muncy keeping the opponent honest behind Bellinger. As the season grinds towards October baseball, you will continue to see teams pitch around Bellinger without a true idea of how to attack him in the strike zone. Then, it will be up to Muncy and others down the lineup to do damage.

Final Thoughts

Sports Illustrated is merely reminding us of the things we already know. Or perhaps, the things we should remember about this dangerous 2019 team. Surely, they are not perfect; and no team is. However, they absolutely have the mark of a championship club and have as good of a shot as any team in baseball to win it all.

Time will tell the story, as with all things.

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  1. If you watch sports for any time you realize that the “best team” does not always win. Baseball is a game of inches, momentum and the “hot team or player” Bumgardner willed the Giants to win their last WS and the Giant manager is destined for the Hall of Fame. Bochy has been incredible in the playoffs. Roberts has made several game losing decisions, hopefully, he has learned from them. The playoffs by their nature must be managed differently than the regular season. Roberts has yet to figure that out. We can hope he finally does.
    The Dodger bench is incredible and the addition of Beaty, who hopefully makes the playoff roster is the best in the league.
    The amazing part about their success this year is they have a top 5 Farm team and will probably add very talented young players like Smith, Lux, and Beaty to their 25 man roster in 2020. And have players like May, Gonsolin, Santana, Peters, and others fighting for a chance to get to the big club. The Future is very bright…

    1. Definitely comes down to the team that gets hot at the right time. This years Dodger team will not have to play down to the wire. September will he used to get healthy, rest up, and get in rhythm. That’s when I hope Roberts does his best work; leading up to October

  2. Evans is one of my favorite Dodger writers. I’d like to see him on a podcast or live twitter feed. Once the bullpen issues are addressed this team can win the WS. Think Blue. Let’s go Dodgers!

      1. hello Clint it’s Paul. First let me say that for many years I never chose any one player on this team as a favorite , but that has changed about a month back. MY favorite player is someone you might guess to be that favorite player…Bellinger. He’s as complete a player as I have seen on this team for quite a while. And I concur with what tmaxter said about Roberts here for sure:
        “. Roberts has made several game losing decisions, hopefully, he has learned from them. The playoffs by their nature must be managed differently than the regular season. Roberts has yet to figure that out. We can hope he finally does.”

  3. Unfortunately the Dodgers will have BIG troubles against any A. L. Team in the WS, IF they make it to the WS. I’m hopeful they’ll win the pennant but it is NOT a slam dunk.

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