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Dodgers’ Shohei Ohtani Reveals Why He Announced Marriage, How Long He’s Known Wife, More Details

Shohei Ohtani made a surprising announcement late Wednesday night, telling the world via Instagram that he was a married man. Ohtani didn’t provide any info on his partner or the marriage, but felt like it was time to let the world know.

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On Thursday, Ohtani spoke to reporters, and provided a little more information on his marriage.

Ohtani said he’s known his wife from Japan for about three to four years, and said he wanted to make the announcement at this time to avoid any distractions heading into the season. He also made it clear that the relationship had “absolutely nothing to do” with his free agent decision.

Ohtani added that his wife is a “normal Japanese woman.” He also added that there was some paperwork to be finalized.

Ohtani didn’t want to divulge when he got married, and obviously didn’t want to talk about his wife.

Ohtani is a very private person, and it’s clear he doesn’t want to give out much information regarding his personal life.

However, he felt that it was time to at least reveal that he was married, which the entire world was very happy to congratulate him on.

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  1. Haha to the earlier comment that we hope he gets two rings this year! That was one of the funniest quips I have heard in years. Thank you!

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