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Dodgers’ Shortstop Blasts Wrigley Field Playing Conditions

The Los Angeles Dodgers were dissatisfied with the playing conditions at Wrigley Field while facing the Chicago Cubs on Sunday. The Dodgers-Cubs game was delayed nearly three hours due to the rain, and when the teams were finally able to play, they were dealing with puddles and poor field conditions.

These conditions hurt the Dodgers, who ended up losing 8-1, their most lopsided loss of the season so far. Only Mookie Betts got a run while Shohei Ohtani got the RBI, as the team struggled to make it through the game. While the Dodgers’ lineup has dominated for most of the season, the team struggled both offensively and defensively at Wrigley Field Sunday.

Miguel Rojas, who stepped in to play third base for the first time in four years, expressed his discontent after the game. With these conditions, Rojas made an uncharacteristic error and even slipped at one point in the game. Along with the conditions hurting the team’s performance, Rojas was concerned about the risks for injury that the field posed.

“I’m playing in a puddle of water,” Rojas said, via The Athletic’s Fabian Ardaya. “Everybody can see it. That’s not the best conditions. I slipped at home plate. Something right there could’ve happened, not just to me but to anybody on the team. Not just on our team. We’re talking about players. We’ve got to take care of each other, and I feel like sometimes just to get the game in, in five innings, it’s not the right way to do it.”

The good news for Rojas and the Dodgers is they managed to escape the game healthy and without injury. The better news? They will not have to return to Wrigley Field for the remaining of the regular season.

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