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Dodgers Sign Infielder Eddy Alvarez to a Deal

The Dodgers are busy making moves even with baseball locked out. As part of the rules governing signings, teams are only allowed to sign players to minor league deals. So that means that the latest deal would be a minor league deal and not a big-league signing. 

Middle infielder Eddy Alvarez took to his Instagram page today to announce that he had signed with the Dodgers. Alvarez spent the last 2 seasons playing with the Marlins, where he tallied a below-average .188/.287/.267 slash line. On defense is where he makes his living. The 31-year-old has played mostly third and second base at the big league level but has played most of his games at shortstop over his minor league career.

But Alvarez is known for much more than just his baseball prowess. He won a silver medal playing for Team USA in Tokyo this past Summer, but he also won a silver for speed skating at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. So the Dodgers are getting a little bit of everything with him.

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While his success at the big league level has yet to transpire, Alvarez has put up good numbers in the minor leagues. He has put up a .281 batting average across 7 minor league seasons and shown a little bit of pop as well. As a middle infielder that hits from both sides of the plate, the Dodgrs will want to get a look at him in Spring Training. 

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  1. Couldn’t they at least have signed a former hockey. At least they can hit round things with a stick.

  2. At .188 Delusional Dave will have to drop Cody down from 4th to fifth with his .162 and slide the speed skater into the cleanup spot

  3. This article never mentions how good he might be defensively and what positions he has played. Come on man! At least dig a little and tell the whole story because there must be more there!

  4. Got ya covered, Dave! Alvarez plays a good 2B, SS and 3B. Classic over-achiever.

    Sounds like he’ll be the infield super-sub, a la Kike’. Very athletic kid, so who knows. But this tells me that Muncy will be at 1B, Lux will be at 2B, Trae at SS, and JT at 3B. No Freeman. Otherwise Lux would’ve been the super-sub.

  5. Friedman proved his worth when he had No $ with the Rays & now with the Dodgers he is just doing the right thing by signing guys that have not worked with other teams, since the Dodgers have been pretty good at that over the years (Ethier, Ellis, Taylor, Muncy, etc) which allows them to retrain these guys with better coaching to fit them into the Roster! Not All the players on the dodgers can make $30M+ & being frugal is in Friedman’s DNA, but last year proved again you can Never have too much depth as losing Muncy before the playoffs was a huge loss for the Dodgers!!

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