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Dodgers: Victor González Making Changes in Preparation for 2022 Season

As the lockout continues to loom large over the 2022 baseball season, players have begun their preparations for the new year. For the Dodgers’ Victor González, these preparations have taken place in his hometown of Nayarit, Mexico.

In a recent interview with Con Las Bases Llenas’ Erick Aguirre, González’s personal trainer José Raúl Rico Sierra spoke about the changes that the young reliever has made ahead of the 2022 season. Note: the interview has been translated to English from Spanish.

“Victor’s preparation has consisted of an adjustment in his habits so that he can really be the complete athlete”, said Raúl Rico. “The progress that we’ve made in the month since we’ve started is impressive. You can see the changes, both physical and mental. My intention is to create a winner in all facets of life.”

One of the biggest changes that González wanted to make after last season was in his diet. According to Raúl Rico, this was a major emphasis for them this offseason, and the relief pitcher has been doing excellent in that regard.

“My intention is for him to always have an athlete’s mindset. He’s done amazing with his diet, dropping 15kg (33 pounds) in the past month without losing any muscle.”

As he enters his third season with the Dodgers, González has already experienced the highs and lows of being a major league pitcher. His rookie season was absolutely brilliant, as he ended the year with a 1.33 ERA and 11.5 strikeouts to walk ratio. Year two, however, did not go his way.

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Across 35.1 innings, Victor accumulated a 3.57 ERA in 2021. This steep jump would usually be more concerning, but an injury-plagued campaign could be the cause for his change in fortune. However you look at it, Raúl Rico ensured that González would be ready to go when his number is called next year.

“The most important challenge that I give him every year is to be better and more competetive than the year before. His goal is to be in the majors for years to come, and the changes he’s made will make a big difference. Next season, expect to see the best version of Victor González, both physically and mentally, as he continues to display the talent that he has.”

The Dodgers bullpen was a major strength in 2021 – their 3.16 ERA was good for 2nd best in baseball. In order for an encore performance in 2022, they will need Victor González to be a key piece to the puzzle.

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  1. It’s great to see Victor Gonzalez putting in the work to improve his conditioning.He was an important pitcher that helped the Dodgers win the World Series and it would be good to see him come back as a much improved pitcher.I would think that Urias is doing the same,since they are good friends.

  2. Me thinks he got a little too comfortable after the World Series win. Then, boom! So I see this as a really good thing. He’s hungry again. He knows how fast you can be replaced. Need that left hander in the pen….

  3. Absolutely the kind of story we want to see! Go Victor! Let’s not trade him while his market value is low…get him back to what he was or better and keep him. He’s young and under team control; would be a mistake to trade him.

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