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Dodgers Sign Taiwanese Pitcher Lin Huei-Sheng

The Los Angeles Dodgers signed 20-year-old Lin Huei-Sheng of Taiwan on Saturday. Huei-Sheng represents a very intriguing piece and was recently clocked as high as 95.1 mph in a start. Although Huei-Sheng is a few years away from vying to be a force at the big-league level, there is a lot of potential with the Taiwanese pitching product.

His signing bonus is expected to be somewhere in the $300,000-$350,000 range.

The Dodgers have been the most active team in the majors over the last decade with the Taiwanese baseball front. The team has employed 4 of only 14 Taiwanese players in the history of the sport, most notably Hong-Chih Kuo.

About Huei-Sheng

At the age of 17, Huei-Sheng was topping out at 94mph and was seen as a potential MLB signing after his final year of high school. However, he made the decision to wait and still received a lofty signing bonus to sign with one of the premier clubs of the sport.

To provide a basic scouting report on what I have seen in video of Huei-Sheng is that he has a very live arm with great arm-side run on his fastball. That heater will play up at 90-93 with such effective movement. When watching Huei-Sheng, he reminds me a lot of Hiroki Kuroda, especially with his repertoire and delivery. Outside of the great fastball, Lin Huei-Sheng boasts a forkball, slider, and a curve. Huei-Sheng definitely has the look and feel of a successful big-league starter as he was last measured at 6’1 and 195 pounds.

Huei-Sheng most notably worked with Hideo Nomo in 2015. To see arguably the Dodgers’ best Asian player in their history work with Huei-Sheng is something exciting to see.

As far as Huei-Sheng’s performance at the National Taiwan Sport University goes, he has been largely successful outside of his control. Across 32 2/3 frames, Huei-Sheng has posted a solid 3.30 ERA to go along with some below average marks (6.9 K/9, 1.50 WHIP, 5.5 BB/9) for the Silver Spring-Takoma T-Bolts of the Cal Ripken Collegiate League.

Although the signing represents nothing more than a high-upside play in the present, Lin Huei-Sheng could be a name Dodger fans need to know in the future.

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  1. As usual, the Dodgers looking for pitching all over the world. I would like to know what Nomo thinks about this pitcher. On another subject, please don’t trade for Kluber!

  2. Comment on this. Would Dodgers prefer Harper, Machado, which I’d prefer Not to or Arenado, if the Rockies don’t extend him? Personally, I would go after Arenado. I realize the he is Not a free-agent until after 2019 season. People comment good or bad.

    1. I would go after Arenado as well because Turner can slot to 1st but that’s after 2019. for now Dodgers must get a RH impact middle of order hitter for THIS year first

      1. I totally agree with PaulDodgerFan1965 : we need to obtain a right-handed power hitter. At present, I feel as if we, the Dodgers, walked miles in the desert only to find a mirage. Joe Kelly is a nice addition, but we need run producers. Go Blue!!!

        1. Paul repeats himself for the 1 millionth time and Lou seconds it. Sounds like old times lol

    2. I think the Dodger’s window is closing quickly. I would prefer the Dodgers go after Harper and trade Pederson or Verdugo or both for a solid pitcher or right handed bat.

  3. Dodgers freaking better do something. This is the Dodgers. If you’re doing nothing you’re falling behind. Move forward progress. Or get left behind.. this is getting ridiculous..

  4. Yup window closing fast. Do nothing it’s slamming shut. We’ll be looking in from the outside.. wasting players talents like walker. Clayton. Seager. Bellinger. Muncy..

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