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The Dodgers Remain In Pursuit of A Corey Kluber Trade

The Dodgers have been in Corey Kluber for well over a month now. Equally important, the San Diego Padres have emerged as a suitor for the Cleveland Indians’ ace.

Now, Jon Morosi reports over at that the Dodgers still haven’t given up hopes.

The Indians and Padres have been in contact regarding a possible Kluber trade since the New Year began, although no deal was close as of Friday night, sources said. A separate source said the Dodgers have remained involved in recent trade discussions with the Indians regarding Kluber.

This is fresh news, folks. Last we heard, the team’s chance at landing Kluber (or Trevor Bauer) were dwindling by the day.

The Dodgers Are Fine Without Corey Kluber


Morosi goes on to mention that the Dodgers, Brewers, and Phillies have discussed Kluber at various points during the offseason. This is something that we all know.

What we don’t know is the reason that the Dodgers still believe they can land Kluber. Still, that remains paramount in this storyline. With time dwindling before spring training, teams are not wasting time on ideas that are next to impossible. If the Dodgers are still chasing Kluber – they likely have a good reason for doing so. Moreover, they believe they can still land him with some assets that they have on the table.

Furthermore, it seems that the Indians are overtly open to dealing Kluber. This is another ‘why’ that would seem important. While I parrot the news to you – it’s a point I want to continue to hammer home. A team that is 12 to 1 odds to win the World Series like Cleveland doesn’t often seem so open to moving their most valuable starter, do they?

Until the regular season begins, Kluber to the Dodgers likely remains in play. And then if the Indians sputter out of the gates, you could see summer deadline chatter return about this connection. We will continue to update this storyline with any info that comes our way.

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  1. Great way to report this Clint… If they are truly in conversations to trade for Kluber. We have to ask ourselves why? To me it makes no sense at all given that the Dodgers are run by Kasten and he firmly believes in using the Farm Team to maximize profits.

    Does this mean they do not believe in the Talent going forward of Urias, May, Santana, Ferguson, Stripling, White etc? Or for that matter Verdugo if he is on the table?

    When you look at the Dodger starting rotation and the pitchers on the roster trading for Kluber makes little sense unless they think that list of pitchers are not all that they are rated to be…

    Every rumor I hear says that they and many other teams are very high on Verdugo…IS that incorrect and the Dodgers are not believers in Verdugo and are attempting to sell him now before he shows he is not a high level talent? Looking at his stats and scouting reports I think they are high on him and will not trade him…

    This year the rotation is strong and set and I hope they use a modified 6 man rotation. Next year in 2020 I love a rotation of Kershaw, Buehler, Maeda, Urias and a dog fight for the open slot or slots with Ferguson, Stripling, Santana, Goslin, May, White and others…fighting it out.

    Only a month or so away from Spring Training. I live in AZ so plan to be at Camelback for several games…

    1. Let me just add that if prospects high in the farm are going to be used, instead of Kluber, I say get a RH impact player for middle of lineup because we HAVE the starting pitching depth now without Kluber. I rather they make their efforts on offensive improvements at this point rather than starting pitching.

      1. PaulDodgerFan1965 is correct : We need a right-handed bat. And, it certainly appears as if Harper and Machado (right handed bat) are not in our future. We certainly have the money, and we need to make a deal at a reasonable price. We do have excess pitching, and we can afford to spare some. Considering the number of injured pitchers we had last year, I really wonder how far Kersh, Strips and Maeda will go before breaking down. If we can obtain Kluber or Kuechel, I say do it. But a right handed bat is a prioprity. Go Dodger Blue!!! Go PD Jr.!!!

        1. SPOT ON! BLUE LOU!. That is where I stand as far as this Dodger team is concerned. They have weakened themselves offensively so far and Verdugo and Toles are not the answer. If we can get Kluber, OK by me but the offense IMHO is in need of up grades. Many have said they don’t see this predominantly LH hitting lineup as any issue but to me it is. Many younger LHB do fairly well competing against LHP while in the minors but the LHP in MLB is altogether much tougher.

  2. They’re always in pursuit but never do anything and the same will happen again this offseason. This is our team gonna have to win it all with it or not

  3. Kershaw is a 6 inning pitcher by the time playoffs come,to say he choked in his prime is not fair.The dodger refused to get a dominant 7-8th inning pitchers before Jansen to relieve him. Kershaw did what he did with a lowered mound, Koufax quit when he got injured so you didn’t get to see him choke but he would have. Give Kershaw the extra 2 inches and his career era would be under 2 still today even with the bad year he had. I just ask Kershaw to go 6,we know his carrier era in the 7th isn’t good and distorts everything.

  4. This has been a hard to believe rumor from the beginning and yet it persists. A complex group of Dodgers player moves would have to align in order for Kluber to be added: trading another starting pitcher like Hill, or Ryu, or Maeda; negotiating a fair package of players heading to Cleveland (a couple of starting OF’ers plus others); and, finding OF replacement(s) for those traded. This Dodgers FO seem to like complicated deals, so possible — but not probable.

  5. Dodgers need to focus on getting a RH bat in their lineup. Dodgers have 2 problems which cost them the world series. Dominant 7 and 8th inning relief and offense. Joe Kelly I believe solved 1 problem. We need another hitter to balance the lineup. We gave up 2 in Puig and Kemp. Better find one to fill that gap.

  6. I am one of the guys who thinks another dominant starter is essential for 2019 , therefore, my hat is in the ring for Kluber. I do not believe in anyone outside Kershaw and Buehler in our present rotation, everyone else is either unproven or inconsistent. Personally, I think Friedman is stumping for Kluber, but hesitant to add Verdugo, which is why nothing has happened to this point. Maybe it’s a wait and see game. I think a package like Pederson and two other top 10’s should get it done.

    1. Pederson only has 2 years of team control and has proven to be a LH platoon OF’er. I don’t think Dodgers get Kluber without Verdugo as part of the package going to the Indians.

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