Dodgers Social POLL Results: Roberts Receives Big Thumbs Up

At Dodgers Nation, we try our best to give the fans a platform to voice their opinions and with the recent signing of Dave Roberts as the new Dodgers Manager, we wanted to see what they thought on Twitter and Facebook.

Feel free to vote if you haven’t done so already!

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It is interesting to see how overwhelmingly popular the hiring has been, especially give the sentiment around the fan base that the front office is too statistically-biased.

Part of what might be at work here is how the Dodgers didn’t wind up going with Andrew Friedman’s initial choice: Gabe Kapler. Had Kapler been chosen, the worry among fans less inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt might’ve been that Friedman has too much power without having proven himself since arriving in Los Angeles.

There’s also the faction of fans who simply won’t be happy for the team or anyone associated with it until the Dodgers succeed more in the postseason. This is somewhat fair, I guess, but is a lofty goal for being so early in the rebuilding process. Remember, Friedman and his team have only been in L.A. for a year now, and had their work cut out for them upon arrival.

Roberts appears to be starting his tenure with at least some momentum both with the players and, somewhat more importantly, the fans. Now, for the Dodgers, the players, management and their new manager, it’s about turning that momentum into some kind of sustainable progress and competitiveness.

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