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Dodgers: Spring Training Could Be Cancelled As Soon As Today

There is a widespread fear sweeping across baseball that the coronavirus will force cancellations in baseball. With the Dodgers’ Opening Day in question already, the league may also look to suspend all Spring Training games in order to get ahead of the virus.

The reaction may seem sudden, and that’s because it is. The sports world was sent into a frenzy last night when Rudy Gobert of the NBA’s Utah Jazz tested positive for fir the COVID-19 virus, and his teammate Donovan Mitchell tested positive this morning. As a result, leagues began canceling games and tournaments all around sports. The Dodgers do not look to be immune to that.

If the Dodgers are not able to continue with Spring Training, I would imagine players and staff would all be sent home. If there is a delay until Opening Day, that makes a strange situation, as players will need time to ramp back up to game-mode. 

Spring Training is generally a time for players to get ready for the season, and not having it would be very strange indeed. Waiting on the league’s official announcement, expected soon. Teams around baseball have a scheduled call with Commissioner Rob Manfred today. 

**UPDATE: Spring Training is officially expected to be called off today. 

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  1. The world is gripped in fear over coronavirus. More and more people have decided to simply stop living anything resembling a normal life. They have decided that cringing inside their locked houses, and living like self sentenced caged rats is the best option.

    I believe this fear now stands a good chance of killing not only baseball this season, but all forms of societal interaction for the foreseeable future. When people are afraid to go to work, or ordered not to go to work, the economy could be destroyed as well. If you think we have a homeless problem now…..

    Isn’t it better to live while you’re alive? Why crawl into a grave willingly? We need a vaccine for coronavirus ASAP. It should be the top priority in the world today. Money should be no object because the fearful among us are willing to destroy society by withdrawing from the human race altogether.

    I guess FDR was right about one thing, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. As for me, I’m going to keep on living until I’m actually dead. I always thought those zombie movies were ridiculous. But I guess I was wrong. More and more people are choosing a fearful zombie existence.

    I guess there’s not much reason to talk about baseball any more. The writings on the wall. As the panic intensifies, I hope some of you will choose to live without fear. As a Christian it’s easier for me to live without fear. It’s time to think about what’s really important. And it it was never really baseball.

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